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A platform for Influencers and Learners. A distinct social motivational platform to inspire others and feel inspired. Express your failures socially to resolve them in an unique interesting way.

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Share an Inspiration, Publish your SFO i.e Success, Failure and Out stories on awesome iSlumped platform. Do not forget to HASHTAG your #keyword


Let people inspire when they read your shared inspiration or SFO. They tell you by clicking the Inspired button next to it. Or get feedback and encouragement from people and support groups. Learn from those and publish your milestones.

Si-Out TM notes

Then track your milestones further by dividing them into slump it out a.k.a Si-Out TM notes, assign them a priority and finally break out of it, learn, grow and succeed.. woohoo!!

iSlumped Features



Share a quick inspirational note about anything that you feel inspiring, your day, you met someone, an inspiring video etc with your social graph or iSlumped community .

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SFO stands for success, failure & out story, gives you more descriptive options with title and content. Use it to start a discussion on success, failure or coming out of it stories. This is great tool to involve your social graph or iSlumped community for more detailed discussions and feedback.

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Success Boards

Success Boards

Publish a Success Board on Milestones you want to achieve or on your Success and News you may want to share. This is great tool for companies or individuals to reflect their potential to the world and get a incredible social boost and exposure.

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If you want to track your progress, you may break down your Milestone into Si-Out Slump-it-Out Todo Notes to achieve them better. Assign them a priority, and chase them like mad man.

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Snapspire(s) are the snaps that inspire. Upload photos that inspire you and have fun. Create your snapspire album with snapspire sets.

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Join awesome groups on iSlumped or simply create one of your own choice. Enable your group apps and privacy.

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Use our invite app to quickly invite your friends by emails or your Facebook account. Type their email or Facebook name.

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Latest trends on iSlumped!


Inspirations Trends

Success is scarier than failure

San Neal
The importance of focus

K Smith
Independent advice, tools and information for new business venture can become more accredited if you start with following best marketing strategy that rock your 2016


Snapspire(s) Trends

Sign up at to understand that failure is part of nature and strongly a stepping stone toward success. #Failure #Strongly #Success #iSlumped

The 4 People Who Will Help You Achieve Your Goals #People #Help #Achieve #Goals #iSlumped

How Timi has got success as an Instrumental Rock Musician & Singer-Composer? Find at #Instrumental #Success #Musician #iSlumped


SFO Stories Trends

My Successful Launch of a Start-up Venture

I am feeling fortunate enough to launch a start-up venture. I believe that my management team also played an important role for this ultimate success in creating a "perfect" startup launch.

My Successful Business Meetings

Effective meetings are crucial aspect of any company and I am very glad that the meeting I had presented went well and proved to be a productive one and must have an effective impact in decision making and success of our business venture.

Success Boards

Success Boards Trends

Want to Establish a Goal Achievement Framework

Want to Become a Professional Portrait Artist.

I want to learn the skill of turning photos into beautiful and attractive 100% handmade oil paintings and become a professional portrait artist. 


Si-Outs Trends

My steps for my Goal Achievement Framework to be followed -

1. I am establishing vision and my goals very clearly and in realistic manner 2. Learning how to devise best strategies to succeed in my every goal. 3. Planning various elements that are required in the strategy processing. 4. I am practicing various methods for assessing the success of my plan.

Steps I will Follow to Become a Portrait Artist

1. I am discovering then best ways to grow and develop my sketching talent. 2. I am figuring out my week points to work on until they are overcome. 3. I am working over for getting a structural approach to create a successful illusion 4. I am paying more attention to the composition of art and avoiding the things that distract my viewer’s eyes. 5. I am getting better understanding over the styling element that needed to create a perfect piece of art.

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Why Use iSlumped?


Write to Inspire

Feature your success stories as an individual, professional or a young company. Tell us what makes you or your company a success. Share the joy of your triumph to inspire others, to get noticed, and boost your PRESENCE and SUCCESS.

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Share to Learn

Share your slumps, your failures as an individual, professional or a young company. Tell us what's going on? What may have went wrong. Share your failure stories to get feedback from awesome iSlumped community to recharge yourself.

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Leave Inspired

Create milestones, break them into slump it out notes, learn, grow and leave inspired.