Sex toys are usually considered as a way to enhance self-pleasure in women. However, that’s not true. Today, even guys can find different sex toys for men and step up their masturbation game. From cock rings to fleshlight in India, there are several sex toys men can use to enjoy self-pleasure and perform better while having sex as well.

While masturbation in men is completely normal and rarely dangerous, excess masturbation can cause severe health effects. In this case, guys can use different types of sex toys to bring sensitivity back to their dick and enjoy sex as it is supposed to be.

If you haven’t used a sex toy before, you are in for a great surprise. Today, we have decided to compile down a list of different sex toys men can use to take masturbation to the next level and enjoy intercourse to the maximum as well.

So, without building too much anticipation, let’s start with the list of sex toys men can use and boost their sexual health.

Male Masturbators

If you want to enjoy masturbation to the fullest, you can use male masturbators. These are automatic sex toys that have a vagina-like structure where you can put your cock. The masturbator has a motor due to which the masturbator gives thrusts to your cock.

You can even control the level of thrusting to have full control over when you would cum. Using male masturbators is a great way for guys who have over-masturbated in the past and are struggling to get an erection during sex.

Cock Rings

Cock rings are specifically designed for guys who are struggling with erectile dysfunction. The cock ring can be placed at the base of your cock. Basically, it restricts blood flow from the cock, making it easier to maintain the erection for a longer time period. You can wear cock rings during sex and perform better with your partner.


Fleshlight in India is one of the most popular sex toys for men. Even though they are just like male masturbators, they aren’t automatic. You have to manually give strokes to your cock after putting it inside a fleshlight. However, like any other sex toy for men, fleshlights can help guys fight different types of health conditions including erectile dysfunction. You can even buy customized fleshlight in India, which exactly replicates your favorite pornstar’s vagina.

These are three different sex toys men can buy in India to boost their sexual life and perform better during sex.