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Evolution of Artificial Intelligence in the Future

Today’s Artificial Intelligence (robotics) has the capability to imitate human intelligence, performing various tasks that require thinking and learning, solve problems and make various decisions. Artificial Intelligence software or programs that are inserted into robots, computers, or other related systems which them necessary thinking ability.  However, much of the current Artificial Intelligence systems (robotics) are…


How Big Brothers Big Sisters of America Led a Digital Transformation

What started as a temporary role for Pam Iorio at Big Brothers Big Sisters of America (BBBSA) ended up becoming a full-time gig as CEO of the organization. After a 29-year career in politics, including eight years in office as the 57th Mayor of Tampa, FL, Iorio took on her role as President and CEO…


Magellan GPS Update

Magellan GPS Update gives guidance to users so they reach their destination in zero time. It navigates the best route available for you along with their safety notifications. Magellan GPS is a well-known reputed brand. Also, it ranks on top of the leading GPS brands devices. Therefore, Magellan GPS Update enables you to access the…