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pH Meters Market to Grow at a 3% CAGR by 2024

Devices used to measure acidity levels in water & wastewater treatment, pharmaceuticals, chemicals & petrochemicals, and other applications are known as pH meters. They are mostly used in food & beverages, pharmaceuticals, mining, water treatment plants, and other industries. The worldwide pH Meters Market is projected to grow at a 3% CAGR over the forecast…


Wireless Charging Market Overview and Research Report, 2014 to 2024

Wireless Charging Market is expected to grow beyond USD 20 billion by 2024. Elimination of cables allows clutter-free charging, which has impelled the consumption levels. Another growth driving factor for the global market includes the growing demands for smartphones, specifically in India, China, and South Korea. The rise in infrastructural development, digitization, and network communications…


Duraflex Bumper

Duraflex Bumper is not only long lasting but also helps you to bring ultimate style as well as performance in your vehicle. With the use of this bumper, you can easily elevate your vehicle above the masses. The flexibility or strength of these bumpers is much higher than another standard bumper. We always distributing one…