Just because you have a legal right to breastfeed anywhere doesn’t necessarily mean breastfeeding in public is an easy-to-do task. Even if you always use an opaque nursing cover while breastfeeding in public, finding the right and safe place must be your first and foremost priority. Check out our list of the eight best places that are perfect for breastfeeding your little one on the go!

#Public Parks, including Playgrounds

If the weather is pleasant, it’s lovely to breastfeed outside in a park or a playground that is often full of moms and babies. Seek out an empty bench facing away from passersby in the park and start nursing your little one. Hardly anyone will notice that you’re breastfeeding at all as everyone is so busy with their own kids and tasks.


Another super-healthy place to nurse your little one is a restaurant, where you can enjoy yummy foods and drinks along with breastfeeding. If the restaurant’s dining area is too noisy, opt for a corner booth seat to make sure your baby will not get distracted by others during breastfeeding. However, some restaurants provide mothers a separate quiet room to breastfeed in.


When you’re out and about with your family or friends, you feel secure to nurse your little cherub as there are many people to shield you from passersby. However, you feel less safe when there is no one with you. Don’t feel insecure as there are plenty of cafes with comfortable couches, which allow discreet breastfeeding. Find them and enjoy public breastfeeding!


Churches and other places of worship are a great location to nurture your child with your breast milk. If you’re looking for a clean, quiet place to breastfeed your little one, look no further. Enter a beautiful religious place and start nursing your child. However, using a breastfeeding cover is mandatory in such places.

#Bra and Lingerie Stores

Any shop that sells lingerie welcomes breastfeeding moms with open arms. Sometimes they even offer you water! You should take advantage of such luxury!

#Furniture Stores

When the need strikes, what could be better than a place full of upholstered furniture? If you’re not feeling comfortable, nurse your little one in the store’s area of the kid-related furniture. You will not be the first or the last mom to do so, and chances are you’ll meet other nursing moms too.

#Libraries and Bookstores

If you have an older kid and frequent story-time, then feeding your little one in the kid-friendly area of a library or bookstore would prove more beneficial to you. Not only you’ll be surrounded by other similar people with kids, but also your older kid will have some exciting things to do while he waits for his sister or brother to fill up.

#Maternity Stores

Stores that specialize in nursing clothes or breastfeeding supplies always welcome breastfeeding moms with open arms. Even they sometimes offer you a water or soft drink. No matter how busy their salesmen are, they’re still ready to accommodate you either in a fitting room or with comfy couches in the store area.

#Anywhere Kids Are Welcome

When the need strikes, there is no better place than a store that caters to kids. If the store is too noisy, look for an area of the quiet enough store to nurse your baby. Kids’ stores know very well that it’s a good deed to serve nursing moms, and therefore, you should feel comfortable breastfeeding in a kid-related store.

#Wherever The Hell You Want

Finally, you should always feel free to breastfeed your little one whenever and wherever you want. You have a legal right to feed your hungry baby anywhere. To nurse wherever your newborn wants, all you need to build your confidence and comfort level. If you feel comfortable and safe, you can breastfeed your wee one wherever you are, whenever you want.