Everyone would love to explore whole new places and the experiences acquired from them on their vacations. And the entire idea is also a super cool one, besides believing in the universal fact that by doing so, you would turn out to be a better person at the end of the day. Nevertheless, traveling to a new space that you had never visited before would bring along with them some risk. Yep, we know that life is all about taking risks. Yet, one must ensure that you are not losing the very delight of traveling, by pointlessly experiencing all those unwanted hassles and tussle your entire holiday. Well, all those troubles could be averted if you are following certain useful tips. Furthermore, as you are planning to spend your vacation in the exotic islands of Andaman and Nicobar, where the life and things are unknown to you, getting to know about the things followed there would always prove to be beneficial to you.

Given below are the tips that will turn out to very useful for making your trip to the Andaman Islands Memorable and eventful.

Try to possess a SIM card that has better connectivity in the island

Being situated far away from the mainland and the remotest destinations, the signals of all mobile networks are not strong enough in the islands of Andaman and Nicobar, unlike the major cities in the mainland such as Delhi or Mumbai. And the situations are much worse if you are traveling to those isolated islands from its capital. So it is always advised for you to carry a spare BSNL SIM, which has better connectivity in these islands.

You may try to carry the required cash as such rather than on cards

The facilities of ATMs and other such cash-less transactions are quite minimal in these exotic islands and almost none in islands other than the capital city Port Blair, so being possessed with enough liquid cash is always better. Moreover, booking the most preferable one from the various choices of tour packages before your visit could save you from paying each and every need from your wallet and getting broke.

If you a kayaking enthusiast, never skip to include Baratang in your travel Itinerary

The marshy areas and mangrove creeks alongside the island destinations of Baratang are an unmissable part while vacationing here in the islands. On which the Kayaking activities are said to be one of the most refreshing ones. If that is not enough, you may head to the beaches of top-notch Havelock Island at night during the months from February to May. Then you will be able to witness the astonishing bio-luminescence in this mesmerizing night kayaking.

History lovers may spend more time at Port Blair and Ross Island

Both the capital city Port Blair and Ross Island has got several historical relics in its kitty. And each of erstwhile monuments had got their own stories and histories to narrate. So if you are that sort of traveler who is more curious about the facts related to certain intriguing colonial monuments, you could pay a visit to them, the most notable ones being Cellular Jail Museum, Ross Island Penal Colony, and Viper Chain Gang Jail.

Book your accommodations that are Wi-Fi equipped, as it will make your online transactions simpler

Alike the mobile networks made available in the islands, the wireless internet facilities are also not up to the mark. In the present scenario, when the internet and smartphones had become so crucial in your personal lives, spending a whole lot of time without them could distress you. Henceforth, while booking your accommodation in Andaman, which could be either be resorts or hotels, you may ensure that they are equipped with the latest Wi-Fi facilities.

Trekkers should never skip Elephant beach

You might have been to other trekking spots and such expeditions earlier in your trips. Yet if you have got that right impulse to explore more such sights here in the Andaman Islands, never forget to include the trek up to the charming Elephant beach. That would inevitably be a mixture of some uphill, marshy spaces, thick forests and finally the turquoise blue sea waters. Other challenging trekking trails popular in the islands include Mount Harriet, Madhuban, Baratang, and many more.

You may procure the tickets prior to the visiting

As the internet facilities are quite limited in the islands, booking the entry tickets to historical monuments, tickets for pursuing water sport activities cannot be bought by purchasing them online as done in other prominent tourist destinations. Instead, you will be required to follow the old school methods to buy the tickets in Andaman. However, standing in long lines in front of them by sacrificing the time you had supposedly be sightseeing in the Andaman Islands, would be unfortunate. For this very purpose, it would be wise to assign this task to any reliable tour operator.

For experiencing the real tranquillity, you may head to Havelock Island

Even though every shore of the archipelago is beautiful from one another, the ethereal ones are said to be located in Havelock Island. You would be able to experience that tranquillity in its very sense on the beaches of this particular island. Whether it is the Radhanagar Beach, Elephant beach, or Kalaphathar beach, they are said to be defining the mesmerizing beauty of what seashore of Andaman is supposedly expected to look like. Furthermore, the rush of the tourists to them is also minimal, making space for you to relish them for the fullest.

Try to be conversant in Hindi or Bengali

The popular languages in which the locals of Andaman do confer include Bengali, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam, besides the tribal languages. But the languages in which a larger proportion of people make their conversations are in Bengali or Hindi. Therefore, if you are fluent in speaking in these languages, it would be easier for you to talk with the locals if their services are required.

Never miss snorkeling even if you had indulged in scuba diving

It is said so as the spectacular views that you get to see just beneath the surface of the water are different from those in the open water that you remain in while you are scuba diving. Meanwhile, in the former activity called snorkeling, you would be spending less and is comparatively less equipped. So once you are in the land for its aquatic sports internationally, you make sure that you are endeavoring into each of them, as the experiences, the spot was chosen and the views would be different from one another and unique.

Ask your tour operator to arrange for a beachfront resort

One may have to admit that a travel destination is known for its stunning beaches. To fully experience the real ambiance of living beside them, you may have to spend even the night near them. For this reason, you may ask your tour operator to book any good beachfront resorts of Andaman for your accommodation, so that you could feel the sea breeze hitting you most serenely.

These are the most important tips among the many that can be followed while you are vacationing here in distant Andaman Island, far from the mainland. Even if so, if you wish to roam around them most enjoyably without experiencing the trouble of journeying to an unknown island, do contact Andaman Tour Travel. Apart from that, you could also test your skills in diverse water sport activities set up in the islands. Above all, they are providing you these offers at an affordable rate. So why are you waiting for??? Book your tour packages now and experience the nature’s marvels.