As we grow older, we lose the child in us. Fantasy games are one such way to ignite the spark of childhood and create more happy memories with friends and family. In this blog post, we have listed three fantasy MMORPG games for you to get started. Continue reading to know more.


Launched initially in South Korea and gradually in the rest of the world, Tera is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). The story revolves around Arun and Shara and how history is shaped by the war between mortals and gods. In the process, both gods and mortals suffer huge loss and out of the chaos, the alliance began to form. With the formation of the alliance, global peace is an inevitable truth. However, as terror strikes again from beyond the world, the alliance must fight to maintain global peace. Tera is among one of the best MMORPG free to play games and is totally worth the time.

Blade & Soul

Martial Arts at its best. If you are a fan of Korean fantasy games, then Blade & Soul is definitely worth checking out. The game became so popular that an entire Japanese anime is dedicated to it. With Blade & Soul being an open world game, you are guaranteed to have months of exciting gameplay and hundreds of challenges to explore. Other cool features of this game are real-time battle system and different game modes such as player versus environment and player versus player.

Black Desert

The free to play game offers a massive open world. The rich open world of Black Desert has many castles including flora and forests. The game developer, Pearl Abyss, took three years to launch the beta version because the game does not make use of any third party engine. Unlike its other counterparts, which make use of game engines such as Unity and Unreal, Black Desert developed its own engine. The custom engine enables fast rendering of the massive open world of Black Desert. If you don’t have a gaming PC, then you should consider playing browser game MMORPG.

Fantasy is one such category, which connects us with our childhood. Games like Black Desert, Blade & Soul, and Tera pack the winning combination of engaging stories, immersive gameplay, and appealing graphics. Consider playing MMORPG games if you want endless entertainment at no extra cost.