Tons of packaging boxes are used every year by retailers for packaging, shipping, and storing their products. Packaging of products is a big thing for retailers, and they have to invest a lot of money in it every year. Obviously, retailers have to be very careful about the selection of their products’ packaging that is not just easy to manage but also offer security to their products. Particularly, the retailers who are dealing with online customers have to choose boxes that are protective, so our product doesn’t get damaged on the way.

Talking about the retailing industry, we all know that the packaging of products plays a major role in safe shipment and inventory keeping. Delivering products safely to customers and managing inventory are two major and most challenging tasks for any retailer. From the safe shipment of products to storing products in warehousing, the most important thing is packaging, if you have done it correctly, you would probably don’t have any issue later.

It is important to use high-quality material in making these boxes that would provide good protection to the goods. There are many types of boxes that retailers can use for packaging their goods, and they are effective enough to prevent damages to your products. In this article, I am going to share with you the 3 most suitable packaging boxes for retailers that would not just help them save a lot of costs but also allow them to effectively manage their retailing operations.

Common Types of Corrugated Boxes

There are some of the most common types of boxes used by retailers for packaging their products for shipment and inventory keeping purposes. Corrugated boxes are made up of good quality material that is quite robust and provides full protection to the product inside. If you have ever seen corrugated packaging, you would notice that these boxes have thick layers on the walls that make them quite robust against shocks and hits. The best thing about these boxes is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on the packaging because the manufacturing of boxes is very easy and no chemicals are used in making the boxes. 

The structure of corrugated packaging is very simple that makes the packing of goods very easy. These boxes are very versatile and flexible in nature that makes them suitable for almost all types of goods and products. This packaging is mostly used by retailers when they have to ship fragile and sensitive items that are more vulnerable to damages, such as cosmetic items, crockery, electronics, etc.

Folding Cartons

These are also commonly used cartons for packaging goods for delivery purposes. These cartons are made from paperboard and cut in different shapes based on which design and shape retail want your products. These folding boxes can be used for diversified purposes, for example, you can use them as gift boxes, to pack food products, stationery, etc. many retailers also use these boxes to store their products and ship them to other places. These boxes are soft, and layers are also less thinker than the corrugated packaging, but still, it is a good and cost effective option for retailers, who want to get more benefits by investing less in packaging. 

Kraft Boxes

Kraft packaging is made up of eco-friendly material, and it is the main reason why companies who are concern about the environment use this kind of packaging when it comes to packing their [products. There are many food companies have been using these boxes to pack their food like fruits and vegetables, the best thing about these boxes is that there is no harmful material is used in making them that make them harmless for food items. Moreover, the fruits and vegetables are likely to be fresh for a longer time if you have packed them in Kraft packaging. You can also customize your Kraft packaging; just the way you want. Although some retailers use them as it is without any customization, if you want to print the logo of your business on them some graphics, you can go for it. Customization of boxes would promote your brand, and it would become more identifiable for customers.

Summing Up!

If you are a retailer, you can use any of these three box packaging for your products. All of them are quite reliable when it comes to provide protective packaging to your products and safe them against damages. You can order these boxes in bulk from any reliable packaging company.