Bathrooms are sanctums of relaxation and luxury for most of the people. People unwind and relax themselves in the bathroom. A warm bubble bath in the tub takes away the weariness and tiredness of the whole day. But, all this can be spoilt by a damaged bathtub. There are different kinds of issues that can render your bathtub unfit to use. It could be surface chipping, developing cracks, stains, rust etc. However, do not worry as there is a simple solution to bathtub related issues: bathtub refinishing, which is easy, cheap, convenient and prevents any further damage to your bathtub.

Even though bathtub refinishing works just fine and makes a tub look as good as new, there are some misconceptions in people’s minds. Some believe replacement is better and end up paying lots of money and wasting their time and efforts. Let’s be clear on some facts about tub refinishing.

Refinishing is cheap and effective: It is indeed a myth that refinishing costs a lot. While, in fact it is much cheaper than a replacement. First of all, you don’t have to buy a new tub. Second, the cost of removing the old tub and fixing the new one is also not required in refinishing. On an average, refinishing costs almost a tenth of replacement. You can also give your tub a new color which renders the single advantage of replacement useless.

The materials used are not toxic: Several materials used on the bathtub surface to fix stains, chipping etc. emit fumes and odors which if inhaled may cause irritation. However, this problem can be solved by an efficient ventilation system in the bathroom. Some fumes may last for a day or two after refinishing, but they will clear out soon enough. Moreover, if you hired a professional contractor, you wouldn’t even have to worry about fumes.

It takes very little time to get done: Most of the refinishing jobs are completed within a period of 24-48 hours. Some chemical coatings may take up to 72 hours to reach the tub’s reglazing surface. On an average bathtub resurfacing takes no more than 8-12 hours. You can use your bathtub on the same day you get it resurfaced.

So, these were some misconceptions associated with bathtub refinishing. Be assured that it is the best way to fix the tub if it is not completely dilapidated. This option is budget-friendly, time-saving and works as good as a replacement without all the hassle and drama.

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