Are you aware of the major differences between the most profitable as well as the biggest companies in the world and those who belong to the same domain but have not achieved success? The answer can be quite precise and it is – user experience of the business website. 

The companies that have succeeded in making it big are continuously striving to change their status quo and focus in creating websites that are directed to deliver world-class user experience. The success of these companies is actually influenced by the user experience – something that the other businesses in the same niche must emulate if they want to have any chance of competing against them and achieving success.

It is for this reason it is absolutely vital for you to eliminate any scope of errors that can take down the user experience of your website. Here an attempt is made to pinpoint some of the most important features anyone of which can have a negative impact on the user-experience of your online property. A reputed web development company will never go for these.

Taking Mammoth Time to Load – There may be plenty of times when you have come across some websites that take a huge time to load. This must be a very frustrating experience, especially, when you are really interested to learn much more about its products and services. 

You may wait till the site gets loaded but by then the site’s user experience has already received a huge blow. This is obviously not the right path to be followed. Your website must be fast to load irrespective of how much images, multimedia you are stuffing in it or how much creative your site is.

Redundant Complexity – Striving to be extraordinarily creative, the web developers have a tendency to pile up design elements on the site. What they fail to realise is that each additional design element that is not absolutely necessary for the website actually piles on the misery of the user. 

That is why these sites, instead of making the information more accessible to the users make it much more difficult to get. This is something that should be avoided at any cost. The site should be simple and straightforward and great to boot so that the visitors get whatever they are looking for instantly.

Usage of Stock Photos – If you are thinking of using stock photos for your website, beware of it. Stock photos that mean something are not entirely a bad option. But some of them are so randomly used across a number of different websites that they can damage the perceptions of your business giving way to poor user experience. 

Consider that your business is of premium products and you are using these stock photos in your website. What impact will this have on your potential consumers? The photos must be relevant, unique and have an emotive appeal. If these qualities are not present then these photos are just going to impact your website negatively.

The above are some of the most common blunders that you should avoid doing to your site. Any proficient and experienced web development company will never attempt these for any of their client’s websites as these can be absolute deal-breakers in case of websites.