Being open with your thoughts and represent yourself, as a different personality is an amazing thing a person can do to be special.Most people love personalities having an open behaviour towards other people around them. People feel they are more friendly and understanding than a shy person.

If you are too willing to be a person such as that, you will have to adopt some habits that make them attractive and different at the same time. We have mentioned such things below you may adapt them immediately being aware of them.


You must have seen people having a habit of not being involved in any conversation unless they get an invitation to do so. Such people wait for others to make their first move and then get involved in things they are doing.

If you too have such as habit, you should change it and learn to go for things first. Take it simple, what if there is a seat available in a bus and you are not approaching to sit there, someone else will do that and you will keep standing so the same way, move for things first and let things go first from your side to others.

Offering things that people love can also help you be open and liked by people. Well, you can be open with your loved ones by giving a little treat to them of some dessert. The cake will be great as you may go to and get your desired cake ordered with best cake delivery in Dehradun at a reasonable price.


Having a positive attitude about people may help you be open and most people around you to like you.

People love those who have a positive attitude towards things around than those who keep their mind on the negative side and think everything to be disastrous. If you are too willing to be open, you will have to become positive first.

You can go to people and have a talk with them being positive and creative at the same time. You can also add some extra effort by complimenting someone for no reason.


It is not good at all to feel that let people come to me if they want something or to spend some time together, you should yourself approach people and encourage them to have some time to spend with your or discuss something with you.

How can you think people will come to you when they will need you? No one needs anyone unless that person knows you very well and feel good to share problems with you.

To be open with others, have a habit of approaching people than waiting for let them come to you.


Without being social, you can never be open. If you really want to be open with people, you will have to adapt yourself to parties and get-togethers because without meeting people you can never learn how to behave when someone comes to you for having a conversation with you. Accept the invitation with joy with online cake delivery in Pune.

It will be better for you to adopt this habit as it will surely help you stop being hesitated in front of people and be open at the time of conversing and hanging out with them.