There are 4 different ways that you can very easily and simply elevate your Island designs without having to time travel or have a ton of cut furniture!

1. Add in subtle path layers such as rocks, petals and stars

When you’re looking at someone else’s design and you’re trying to recreate it, if you’re wondering why yours doesn’t look as polished your system look as pulled together I think it’s because of these tiny filler details that really do just help pull everything together. Here are some good paths that I really like:




2. Use fences as accents to other furniture

The second way to improve your island designs in ACNH is by using fences as more of accents versus just offenses. I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of people like to use the bamboo fence as just a little bit of an accent on beaches especially which I think just makes this whole area seem that much fancier. But I also love to use these hedges as something that you can put under a waterfall and maybe put some cute tables up against or really you could use whatever kind of fence. I think the stone one also looks really good along rivers or along roads and I just like to use these as more than just something to gate off a villagers home.

3. Mix the kinds of trees in one area

This may seem really obvious but I’ve seen a lot of people avoid this which is very natural. It’s very normal to want to create separate areas so you use different trees and you kind of segregate everything off. But I actually think it’s really cool when you have a mix of these hardwood trees with some of the regular ones. You could sneak some bamboos in certain areas. I’m considering making my entire Island a tropical island by using these palm trees on areas other than the beach to just really give a full Island feel and if it makes you feel better you can sneak some sand underneath these or do whatever.

4. Terraform cliffs, paths, other layers into your bodies of water

When you are terraforming your rivers and lakes get crafty with this. So instead of just creating a big old lake or just a pond or something along these lines I would just get like get weird with it. I love adding these teeny patches of land that you can jump between or put flowers or even statues on. I’m going to be making a museum entrance video soon that involves a lot of these different kinds of waterfalls and things that you could add different statues on or different art or do whatever you want. I think that is just like a really nice way of breaking everything up versus just a pond or something like that.