In a call center, there is a number of things that need to be monitored appropriately. There are several technologies, software, tools, and equipment used in a call center industry that needs attention at times and at the same time have a great impact on call center metrics. Although traditionally, call centers used to focus on the quantity of work, now they are more concerned about the quality of work. Whether you are running an inbound call center or an outbound, there are several factors that are used to measure the call center metrics such as first call resolution, quality scores, quality of services, customer satisfaction and average handling time. In this post, we list these four ways in which you can easily measure your call center’s metrics. Let’s take a look.

1. Quality Scores

One of the most important call center metrics so the quality scores as it provides an overview of all the call centers as well as the individual ones. Quality scores are measured on the basis of the conversations handled by their agents and their particular experience in each process. The math of measuring this score is done by reviewing 5 to 10 calls per agent. This way, you get to know the call center metrics of each call center and can compare it from yours to know the lags.

2. First Call Resolution

First call resolution is the best way to know how many times the customers have called the call center agents in order to get their queries resolved. It also allows to measure the call center agent’s perspective towards the company, the benefits company provides and the quality of customer service it provides. The rise in call center metrics means that issues are being resolved in less time and customers are getting the real-time solutions. At the same time, customers do not have to call again and again to resolve the same query. FCR can help in monitoring the agents’ solutions to the customers, the customer’s reason for the call, positivity.

3. Customer Satisfaction

The major factor that contributes a lot to measure the call center metrics is the customer satisfaction. One of the simple ways to improve your reputed inbound call center metrics is to provide real-time satisfactory solutions to your irritated yet valuable customers so that they are happy after receiving the best solutions to their queries. All you need to do is encourage and boost the morale of your call center agents. Track down the customers’ feedback in order to identify the opportunities to improve the metrics.

4. Average Handling Time

Average handling time is the time taken to handle the queries of each customer. By measuring the average handling time, you get to know your call center metrics. This not only includes talk-time, on-hold time but also how quick you were able to provide a decent solution to the customer regarding their query. Therefore, average handling time is one of the most important factors in increasing the call center metrics of your own call center. Also, by measuring the metrics you get to know where exactly you stand in the entire industry.

Wrapping Up

Following these ways, you can easily measure the call center metrics and can improve it by taking crucial steps and gain a reputation in the market. All you need to do is train your employees in a way that they provide quick solutions to their customers. Make them learn about multiple processes so that there is no need for further transferring the calls. Contact other experienced call centers whom you can ask what quality measures they have taken in the past to improve the quality of the services. As we all know that customer satisfaction is of utmost importance, therefore, focus on achieving the same and the success will be yours!