Anything good horn gamer has found out how successfully you possibly can ruin a trumpet, whether it be resting both at home and driving on the road. So, will this signify you usually reach for the best trumpet case or gig bag?

Here’s the secrets. The best protection one can supply you with your instrument is almost always to work with it carefully. In addition, plus for various other security, here are some wonderful methods for keeping and shipping your trumpets.

1. Gator Cases GC-Trumpet Molded Court case

This molded trumpet very difficult case is best suited to trumpet game enthusiasts that has to hop onvans and buses. Conversely, airplanes to travel between gigs. The particular rugged outdoor will offer protection with mishandling by conveyor package and straps/luggage handlers.

The architectural strength of the Abs muscles cheap case is excellent and may give it time to help and support many pounds on all ends and corners. The address is bolted, which provides further sturdiness and body weight functionality.

Luxurious cellular lining is employed relating to the indoor to supply a damage-free of cost storage space choice for trumpets and extra accessories. The cushioning is additionally better and heavy solidity, that helps prevent the instrument from getting around whilst in transportation.

The case is very large the right amount of to suit most normal student trumpets and performance trumpets additionally. D-engagement rings are also highlighted in case you ought to utilize a shoulder band to carry the case. Despite that your chosen tricky case is probably not quite possibly the most comfy thing to include in your shoulder.



Rugged external surfaces

Wide padding

Soft cellular lining

Backs up shoulder straps

Bolted grip



Most likely is not sufficient for most trumpets

2. Gator Cases GL-Trumpet-A Light-weight Polyfoam Instance

Gator Cases creates several trumpet case this kind of the initial one is a light-weight polyfoam case. It’s excellent in case a tough case takes excessive room or space or maybe overkill for the travelling agreements. The nylon outer is hard-wearing and relatively water repellent however it is not entirely waterproof.

A rubberized offer overcome has long been integrated to boost the quantity of ease and convenience of the GL-Trumpet-A case. The top pocket can be used for your main equipment, maybe a mute, devotemouthpieces and natural skin oils, for example.

The EPA foam inside provides a good pillow. Additionally, you will uncover inside mouthpiece cases. This case was manufactured for student-type of trumpets, which will make sure it is on your small sized facet for trumpet online players generally speaking.

Nonetheless, this may also function as a long-lasting backup selection for your trumpet.


Easy to carry

Considerable item pocket or purse

Wide foam extra padding

Rubberized overcome


Not appropriate for more substantial devices

3. Protec PB301 Seasoned professional Pac

The PB301 really needs to be some of the best horn and trumpet cases on the market. It’s a lightweight light case that has a durable ballistic nylon outer. It provides a positive change-proof structure together with a water resistant outside.

Though it is made close to a tough hardwood framework, it is yet deemed a fluffy case for not enjoying a tough casing. There’s an adjustable shoulder strap with wide extra padding which can be used to transport trumpets of just about all sizes. The match is wide-spread due to huge inside.

There are also different pockets built-in that can be used to save your other and mute accessories. The metal zippers are quite resilient and feature a securing ring. Use that to increase yet another more compact case or pouch. Or, you can add a mat locking mechanism to improve safe your gear.

Strong hardwood shape

Different pocket compartments

Thick shock reduction

Modifiable shoulder straps

Customized zippers



Overpriced to obtain a soft gig purse

4. Flexzion Senior citizen Trumpet Gig Plastic bag

If you’re normally thoughtful utilizing your musical instrument and you also always just want to ensure that is stays nearby, next the gig bag might be better suited for you over a clumsy tough case. Just one of the best trumpet gig bags on the market today, this Flexzion type can suit a large number of trumpets of all sizes.

The cellular lining is very soft and will not abrasion your musical instrument. I also like the reality that it provides two storage containers spaces, an example of which can easily be used by sheet music together with other gear.

The handle is durable and also has an ergonomic grip. There is even the choice to operate using the shoulder band to include your tool in and around, however. The casing is not inflexible which will make it easier to hold at the price a lot less have an impact on protection.



Scratch-free backup

First rate extra padding


Two storage area pockets



General have an effect on shielding

5. Guardian CW-041-TP

The Guardian CW-041-TP features a uncomplicated polystyrene inner surface driving a highly delicate lining that doen’t mark. The durable external offers you very good influence strength in conjunction with a decent quality of weather conditions amount of resistance.

Even though all in all engineering and develop might appear rather simple, the CW-041-TP trumpet case is known as a sound alternative option to higher priced hard cases. This particular one may also in shape larger than ordinary trumpet types.

There’s very little location on the inside to have gadgets like device oil or spend mouthpieces. You should certainly carry your written music indoors as well as your trumpet, on the other hand.



Rugged outdoor


Accommodates substantial trumpets

More lightweight than most very difficult instances


Reduced capability for accents