Is it a while since you last cleaned your air duct? If yes, you are probably planning to make that call and get someone in your home and clean those ducts. But are you really ready for that (to call a duct cleaning professional)? Well, before you start searching, you should know a few crucial facts.

Things to know before you begin looking for a company providing duct cleaning services:

Be aware of clever offers

Do you know this classic upsell technique of carpet cleaners? They get in your home to clean your carpets but they are smart enough to know if you need duct cleaning. Once you tell them about this, they will offer to clean your air ducts, too, for a rock-bottom price.

Do not fall for such bait. This will be the biggest mistake. They are not trained to perform such work. When a professional duct cleaning company offer to clean your air ducts for $49.99, they do all, from removing and vacuuming your registers, sticking their vacuums into the duct at the register, then re-attaching your registers, that are essentials to ensure that the duct is cleaned perfectly.

Make sure you really need duct cleaning

Construction debris, such as sawdust, drywall scraps, and even Doritos bags can end up in the ductwork of a newly built home. So it is important that duct cleaning should be done every 7-10 years.

If the problem still persists (not getting cleaned, fresh air), you need to consult your HVAC provider to upgrade your furnace filtration situation. While this will cost you a bit more, it is better than paying for duct cleaning every two or one years.

Get your HVAC system cleaned too

A proper air duct cleaning should also involve cleaning of the HVAC system at the same time.

But many duct cleaners are not trained to do that. So don’t let the one you choose for duct cleaning to clean HVAC system provided if they have a current HVAC license. Do ask them to provide you with their license.

Beware of unsolicited pitches

The competition is high and every duct cleaning is vying for the same clients. There are many who can offer to clean your duct for an outlandishly low price. So before you decide to go with such a company, get to know everything, such as its past clients, how long it’s been in the business, and so on.

Find a good duct cleaning company

When you need duct cleaning, you should find a good company that is reputed and has an outstanding track record. It is better to check with their past clients and get their opinion. Also, discuss the cost and compare it with that offered by other duct cleaning companies.