Every year, new trends drive the online industry, including SEO services. With the change in technology and advancement of machine learning techniques, the trends SEO service follow in 2019 for success are as follows:

1. Mobile Optimization

Many search engines have made it almost like a criterion for a website to be mobile-friendly. With the increasing use of smartphones, mobile-friendly is of utmost importance this year. Mobiles are used for everything, including browsing, and shopping. Hence, making your website optimized for mobile users should be a top priority on your list this year.

2. Voice Search

With voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home gaining popularity, voice search is the next trend to influence SEO services in India as well. Instead of typing long search words, the users excessively use voice commands these days. With websites equipped with voice search being touted as the next big thing, this feature will definitely offer you the edge over your competition.

3. Video and Sound

Websites are the primary piece of information about a company. Including photos, videos and other types of media will definitely enhance the genuineness of the website. With good quality content, the customers will definitely end up being loyal.

4. Content Is the King

Quality content always stands out. Users today demand educative, informative and excellent quality content to enhance their experience of browsing. Hence, a  web design company in Chennai should make sure to deliver professional quality content, which will be real and genuine.

5. Artificial Intelligence

With Google’s new optimization tool, Rank Brain is based on machine learning techniques aiming at optimizing the search to be more relevant. AI techniques are definitely going to play a big part in SEO services 2019. Hence, get your AI skills on point and start optimizing the websites designed.

To summarize, every year the new trends drive online businesses. With the above mentioned important trends for the year 2019, hopefully, many web designers and SEO services in India would be benefited.