Dissertations? Yes, we all graduates have been through it. it comes as no surprise that we all as students have been stuck with dissertations one way or another with the pressures of deadlines. It is one of the most challenging situations a student comes across but yet, the most important for the academic career.

The Significance of A Dissertation

A dissertation is coursework, mandatory for degree completion. It can be a dissertation of any level, from Bachelor’s, Masters, and even to a Doctorate level.

It is the biggest contributing factor that accommodates your CGPA. The credit hours of a dissertation are usually higher and opens many doors for further academic opportunities.

Furthermore, students get a chance to conduct research, based on their specialization. This increases the research skills of students and their capabilities, helping them to take an innovative approach to problem-solving.

Are Dissertations Really Lengthy?

Every student goes through troubles with the dissertation. From choosing topic, formatting, plagiarism, deadlines, research questions, methodology, findings, and even references.

A Bachelor’s level dissertation contains 10,000 to 12,000 words. A Master’s level dissertation contains 15,000 to 25,000 words. A Doctorate level dissertation contains 50,000 words or even more.

Due to such troubles, many students get under pressure and go for a cheap solution to Buy Masters Dissertation Proposal, Bachelors, or even a whole Ph.D. dissertation to get out of such pressure.

So, with this being said, here are 5 solutions to help you when you are stuck in a lengthy dissertation.

1. Forget the Pressure of ‘Perfection’

This is one of the main reasons why many students get stuck in their dissertations. They start looking for perfection and think to add every detailed information to make their dissertation look professional.

To stop such worries, it is necessary to understand that relevant information is required in the dissertation, were trying to make it longer is unnecessary. Many students add information that is not required, just to increase their word count and increase their dissertation length on purpose. They do that usually to achieve perfection.

2. Focus on your research questions

Whenever you get stuck at a certain point in the dissertation, then one of the best things is to go back and refer to your research questions. Only add those ideas which are pointing to, and answering your research questions. This will save time and get your dissertation completed quickly. Your research question is most likely the main reason why you are writing your dissertation in the first place. Adding information and ideas that are directly or indirectly answering your research questions, will make your dissertation more relevant and to the point.

3. Start with sections which you know

It is not necessary to always start writing in chapter 1. You can start from chapter 2 or chapter 3 if you like. The gist is, if you get stuck somewhere, then leave that section for now and move to the other section, in which you what to write. This strategy will make great use of your time efficiently.

4. Ask for Help

Never hesitate to ask your supervisor for help. They will have to help you even if your dissertation submission is within 2 days. That’s because if a student fails under a supervisor, then the supervisor’s reputation is likely to get damaged in the university he/she is teaching and will get questioned by higher authorities. So, take advantage of that and never hesitate to ask for help. In fact, the supervisor will even secretly do half of your dissertation if they have to. Also, you can check for online dissertation writing service providers, who can solve this problem.

5. Read, Read and Read

Reading gets ideas flowing, which means you will have more ideas to write. It is also psychological. Have you ever noticed that when you feel stuck or completely blank, then even reading irrelevant material can be converted into ideas that relate to your dissertation?


These are the essentials to follow when stuck in a dissertation. The length of the dissertation depends upon the degree level, where each of them has a different word count, and also depends upon the limitation or the instructions, which are set by your institute or supervisors.