The packaging solutions are an inevitable part of every manufacturing unit in the world. It does not matter what type of an item a sector is manufacturing; they always need the custom boxes for the protection of their goods. The idea of the protection of manufactured goods was the primary purpose of packaging solutions. Over time the manufacturers, as well as the retailers, realized the fact that these cartons can become useful for other purposes as well. The marketing of the products and communicating with the customers were the top of the list purposes of all. The following are the five most effective ways to get in touch with your customers using customized packaging solutions.

1. Avoid one-size-for-all approach

The one-size-for-all approach does not work positively to impress customers. If you want your customers to feel special and also your product to remain safe and protected during the shipping process, you should avoid a one-size-for-all approach. Make sure that the package that you are using for your manufactured goods are of appropriate size. The appropriate size of the containers also enhances the authenticity of your products, and the customers get this feeling that you are treating them special, not as just another customer.

2. Put a note inside

A thank you or greetings note inside the custom boxes can make a huge difference. This note can be a funky and pleasant one or a simple matt finished one. If you are one of those business owners who keep a record of their customers, the addition of the note can be more fun. If the customer has ordered the product for the first time, you can put a welcome note inside the carton. On the contrary, if the customer is a regular one and has ordered several times, you can put a note with the text ‘thank you for being our loyal customer’ or something else that makes them feel special towards your brand. The incorporation of such notes does not necessarily mean that you have to put them inside the casing, you can also put them in a separate envelope and send them to the customers along with their required product. 

3. The addition of stickers

To make the packaging of your manufactured goods more engaging and communicative, you can get the help of tags and stickers. These tags can be about the product, brand, or something that is appealing to the customers. The addition of stickers and tags on the casing of the merchandise not only enhances the engagement of consumers with the product but also increases their protection level to many folds. These stickers can be of various types such as; die-cut, matt, embossed, and spot UV. Moreover, it is not necessary that you paste them outside the box; instead, you can also put them inside the box and let the customers decide where they want them to be pasted. This trick is useful for the items that are for the kids as they love to collect stickers for free.

4. Ask for feedback

Asking for feedback from the consumers directly is not only effective but also productive for your business. In this way, your product looks more authentic to the customers. Asking for feedback is not a problem while living in a digital world. All you have to do is to put a feedback tag inside the casing of your manufactured goods. This tag can be of the size of a business card containing the information needed for the feedback. This information can be the official email address of the vendor, their phone number, and postal address. In this way, it will be easier for the customers to decide what the easiest way for them to submit the feedback is. Feedback also helps you to analyze what your potential consumers like or dislike the most about your products and gives you a chance to improve that particular area.

5. Go green

The modern-day consumers are more concerned about the material that is used for the manufacturing of customized packaging solutions. Use only organic and eco-friendly packaging materials in order to give them a feeling of comfort and make a long-lasting impression. There are several packaging manufacturing materials that are considered safe and friendly for the natural environment. You should choose any of these materials to ensure that your customers feel safe about your manufactured commodities. There is another aspect of choosing such material that the products that you are selling remain safe for a long time in organic packaging than any other materials.

These five ways are the best and easiest to get connected with your customers and enhance their loyalty towards your brand and manufactured goods. These tricks are the most popular among the product manufacturers and retailers for being highly economical as compared to the other ways of engaging the customers.