Mayonnaise Hair Mask

Finding the perfect product for your hair can indeed be a task, especially with the availability of countless contrasting commercial hair masks and treatments. Being presented with such a vast array of hair care alternatives can create a lot of uncertainty. While using chemical products on hair can cause additional damage, it is essential to opt for natural hair care treatments.

Mayonnaise serves as one of the best alternatives for hair care as it contains proteins, vitamins and fatty acids, leaving the hair sleek, soft and smooth. Mayonnaise consists of egg yolks, oil, vinegar or lemon juice which assists in treating a variety of hair related issues.

Here are a few significant benefits of using a mayonnaise hair mask:-

Maintaining The pH Level

The natural acidity of the hair protects it from fungal and bacterial infections. However, persistent use of chemical and heat products can make the pH level alkaline which makes the hair vulnerable to damage. A mayonnaise hair mask can work wonders in balancing the pH level of the hair and scalp because of the vinegar or lemon juice present in it and nurture healthy and shiny hair. 

Eliminates Dandruff And Treats Lice

Dandruff can cause excessive discharge of natural oils of the hair. Mayonnaise comprises of ingredients like vinegar and lime juice which help in balancing the pH level as well as deeply nourish the scalp to prevent fungal infections. Mayonnaise soothes the scalp and helps to unclog hair follicles, thus effectively eliminating dandruff from the hair.

Mayonnaise serves as a remedy for successfully treating lice as well! Contrary to harsh shampoos and chemical treatments, Mayonnaise consists of a fair amount of natural oil which suffocates and kills the lice without causing any damage to the hair.

Reduces Frizz And Defines Texture

Mayonnaise hair masks help reduce frizziness and present a defined texture of hair. The fatty acids present in mayonnaise help to defend the hair’s cuticle from atmospheric moisture. As a result, one can achieve a smooth and silky texture of hair.

Also, Mayonnaise acts as a boon for people with curly and wavy hair since it helps to treat the dryness of hair. It helps to evenly spread sebum, i.e. natural oils throughout the length of the hair.

Secure Coloured Hair

When you apply bleach on hair, the outer cuticles are exposed and damaged to lighten the natural shade of hair. These cuticles are not sealed and tend to drain out the color quicker than healthy cuticles. Mayonnaise hair masks help tighten the cuticles and reduce the chances of damage. The hair mask also helps to nourish and protect these cuticles by moisturizing and hydrating them.

Provides Deep Conditioning

The natural oils present in mayonnaise provide deep nourishment to the hair. Mayonnaise hair treatments are also beneficial due to the presence of amino and fatty acids which help in boosting the hair strands from deep within. Due to the intense moisturization, tangles and split ends can also be treated.

Also, since mayonnaise consists of proteins and vitamins, they help to keep the hair softer and bouncier. This helps to revive the shine, smoothness and volume of the hair.

Hair Growth and Heat protection

As mentioned earlier, Mayonnaise hair masks help to restore the pH level of the hair, thus enriching the quality of the hair. The hair becomes stronger, healthier, and damage resistant to breakage, heat applications because of the proteins, vitamins and other ingredients present in mayonnaise. These factors, along with proper nourishment and hydration, encourages rapid hair growth of hair.

Also, since mayonnaise forms a protective layer over the hair strands to seal the hair cuticles from damage, it helps to shield the hair from harmful sun rays that may damage the hair. Thus, Mayonnaise protects the hair from all forms of damage naturally.

In spite of all the different types of hair masks available in the commercial market, it is always better to resort to natural and organic hair masks to avoid any chances of chemical induced side effects. Mayonnaise hair masks can go a long way in promoting hair care! Do try and let us know!