You have introduced your first app in the market after spending months developing it. You’re proud of this one. This is going to do well, you just know it. Except, it doesn’t go as planned.

There is no problem with the app itself. Testers and end users found it satisfactory. Another app with similar features is doing well but you know yours is better. Then why aren’t people interested? What are you doing wrong?

For starters, your rival app owner could be taking help from the best app store optimization services India. If you want to survive in today’s overpopulated app market, you will have to buckle up too. When it comes to app store optimization, India is now served by some of the best development and marketing companies. While these services will speed track your growth, you’d also want to know how they’d do it.

Let’s check out the 6 best tips for this process.

1. App Description

On Google play, you will get the option for a short description of 80 characters and long one of 4,000 characters. Use this place wisely by seasoning it with the relevant keywords for your app. Google makes use of this data to decide whether they want to promote your app for a specific category or not.

iOS App store doesn’t have the same relationship with keywords. However, you can’t misuse the space here either. Use up the description box to fill it with the unique selling proposition of app and the benefits one can get from it.

2. User Rating And Review

User rating and review are important quality signals for app stores and search engines when it comes to your app’s search ranking. Always answer your customers’ complaints and make a note of those as well. This way you can turn any negative review into a positive or at least an average one. Conversion rate increases rapidly with positive feedback.

3. App Icon

For the icon, you should rely on a simple but eye-catching one. It should be visually appealing but the picture and text shouldn’t be so cluttered so that the user confuses it.

4. Screenshots

The screenshot section is there to support the claims the description box has made. It has even been noted that 60% of users never even browse past the first two screenshots. Choose the first two screenshots wisely. Settle on the two which can convey the story and style of your app and give the user a good idea without downloading.

5. App Size

A big factor that app owners miss out is the size of the app. Not everyone is accessing the store through Wi – Fi. A lot of people rely on cellular data, which is a shame considering google play store doesn’t let a user download more than 100 MB. Get in touch with an an app store optimization services India to optimize your app’s size for easy access.

6. Localization

This is a daunting task but the end conversion results are fantastic. Research keywords, icon, and graphics preference for each country and localize the app according to those specifications. If you are looking for app store optimization, India is a country where you’d need to understand the trends and attune your app’s marketing accordingly.

You have the 6 best tips you’re ever going to need to make your app the hottest on the store.