Every business wants growth and development. This can be achieved if their products and services are delivered on time. On time delivery is made possible by having a strong supply chain. A supply chain is a network of various processes in which the raw material is transformed into final product or service and is distributed to the end user through various steps.

Supply chain management is a procedure to make the concerned supply chain run effectively and smoothly without any disruption. But as we all know that problems never ask before coming. So, disruptions are most likely to occur in any supply chain. The reasons may be internal as well as external. Internal reasons are the mistakes which the supply chain managers commit. With the help of supply chain management assignment help, students discuss these mistakes and also find out their proper solutions.

What are the Most Common Mistakes in Supply Chain and How Can We Resolve these Mistakes?

Considering the common mistakes there is ample room for improvement if the management understands the reason for these mistakes. They never realize that the mistake is there’s only and throw the responsibility on other’s shoulders. The mistakes and remedies are as follows:

  • Focussing on Very Few Source of Raw Materials: You should have many resources at hand so that if supply from one source fails you can get it from the alternative source. This will avoid any disruption in the supply and the final delivery will be on time.
  • Relying Too Much on New Products and Launches: Before launching new products one should have advice from the experienced ones. There should be test marketing of the products so that their performance in the market can be judged and proper strategies should be made before the actual launch.
  • Lack of Vision: Supply chain managers should have vision to foresee their suppliers. They should be clear about the actual source of supply. They should know how to prioritize their suppliers so that most of the disruptions can be avoided.
  • Poor Risk Management: Risk management should be such that it can take care about delayed deliveries, shortage in supplies, problems in quality, transportation issues etc in time.
  • Poor Accountability: Most of the managers do not take the responsibility of the disruptions. They account the subordinates for it. But this does not solve the problems. A strong leadership is needed which can take strong steps to resolve the issues without the blame game.
  • Poor Reactive Management: It should be proactive instead of reactive. The crisis situations should be assessed in advance and this can predict what actions should be taken in the actual situation.

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