The approaching winter says not only that traffic on the roads will become more meditative, and at least one masked Christmas tree will appear in every district of Sidney, but also that it is time to prepare your home for the cold weather. Those who believe that the main thing is to have time to preserve a ton of vegetables and fruits are wrong, thereby providing themselves with vitamins for the entire winter season. This, of course, is commendable, but not the entire list of everyday issues that need to be resolved before the onset of cold weather.

1. Wash the windows

Experts recommend doing this right now – while it is not so cold and dark outside. In addition, if you wash your windows in cloudy weather, it will save you from stains and rainbow reflections, respectively, you do not have to wash them over and over again to achieve the perfect result.

2. Repairs

Of course, no one is talking about a global redevelopment, but you are quite capable of light cosmetic repairs. Take a look around your home and see what needs fixing, touching up, or updating to make your home stylish and cosy. It is quite possible that a dripping tap, torn wallpaper, or chipped tiles in the bathroom have been waiting for you for a long time. After all, these little things, even if you yourself are already accustomed to them, can not only spoil the impression of your home but also clearly demonstrate that the hosts don’t care about their home. Most likely, in the spring and summer, you simply had no time to waste on solving these everyday issues, but now there is a chance to catch up and meet winter in an updated apartment.

3. Clean the chimney

Winter is the time of the year when fireplaces come to life in homes. Smoke, and with it hazardous gases, leave the room through the chimney. A polluted chimney can not only negatively affect the cleanliness of the home but also lead to a fire. Therefore, you should take care of the cleanliness of the chimney in advance, while the cold does not complicate this process. With regular use of the fireplace, experts recommend cleaning the chimney annually.

4. Take care of the house exterior

Walk along its perimeter to examine the facade for cracks. If your house needs painting and you don’t want to spend all your strength and time on it, professional painters in Sydney will solve this issue for you in no time!

Check the roof for broken roof elements. All these problems (if any) are best eliminated while it is still warm outside. Firstly, because it is more difficult to carry out repair work in winter. We are not talking about the fact that ice turns walking on the roof into a survival game. Secondly, with the arrival of cold weather, the process of cleaning the drain becomes more difficult. Clogged gutters can lead to roof flooding and the formation of ice dams and icicles. Therefore, it is best to clean them beforehand, but not too early. If you clean the gutter before the leaves fall, then most likely you will have to do it again.

5. Floor and ceiling insulation

Insulation of the floor or ceiling is especially important for residents of the first and last floors. The ground floor is cooled by the basement below. And residents of the upper floors, adjacent to the attic, take on some of its colds through the ceiling. Obviously, for the dwellers of private houses, this problem is more acute, since their living area is cooled from both sides at once. You can do the insulation of the floor or ceiling on your own, but given the certain manufacturability of this process, the best solution would be to contact a specialist.

6. Clean blankets, pillows, and mattress

Experts advise not to forget about bedding, blankets, pillows, and mattress and clean them regularly. If everything is clear with sheets and pillowcases, and they can be washed as usual in the machine, then with pillows and blankets the situation is more complicated. They must be thoroughly dried and ventilated, otherwise, instead of a fresh fragrance, you risk getting the smell of mould and other troubles. As for the mattress, you can vacuum it with a special nozzle and remember to renew it regularly (otherwise dust mites, bacteria, and other harmful microorganisms will start to live in there).


Very soon, you will desperately want a warm blanket with a cup of hot cocoa in your hands, a cosy book, a purring cat, peace, and quiet. It’s just the time to provide comfort and peace for yourself now, while the summer energy still remains in the body. Don’t be lazy and it will pay off. We guarantee you.