Do you wish to give a gift to a travel-loving friend? If yes, then ensure to pick the item that will actually be used during the travel and is loved by the individual. We know that most of the people often travel to new places during vacations alone or with family. Keep in mind their passion and gift them something that they do not have and increase the pleasure of travelling. Here are 6 unique gift ideas that are best for the person who loves travelling.

Carry-on backpack

The backpack is best for the travel as it can be carried on back, hand and shoulder. This bag definitely meets the airline cabin rule and fit the overhead locker easily. It is Unique Gifts for the travel and is very handy. The bag is easy for packing cubes and is water resistant which makes it suitable for all weather.

Leather notebook cover

A traveller often carries some important document, currency, passport and cards. Leather notebook cover is best gifting idea that helps to protect such items at a single place and have special pockets for different items. It also has an elastic band that easily holds the notebook in place and easily wraps. Just pick the high quality of leather cover and surprise your dear one with this amazing gift item.

Right set of Footwear

When it comes to enjoying a walk, climbing, strolling or other activity on a trip, it is necessary to have best sandals or footwear that is relaxing and provide you comforts feel in what you do. Footwear is definitely unique Gifts for Travel that helps an individual to travel even on water, sand or in hilly areas. Just prefer the light footwear that increases the pleasure of a trip.

Travel guide

Nothing can beat the gift of providing a travel guide to a travel lover. No matter whether a person knows a place or visiting it for the first time, for a traveller knowledge of new travel spots will excite and is the best gift item. This will help to look for the well-known and even unexplored destinations of the world. The guide features everything you wish to know about a place and a personalised guide.

Portable cell phone battery charger

With cell phones being an inseparable part of life, they are best partners during the travel. Thus, gift your friend high-quality cell phone battery charger and make their travel more pleasing and enjoyable. If a cell phone dies, you lost the charm of the travel. Mobiles are now used for navigation using Google Maps and the best way to stay in touch with near and dear ones when away from home.

Wireless security portable camera

This is another travel gifts that ease travelling for loved ones. This will ensure the security of the home when an individual is on travel. It is best to record what evening happening in a hotel room and keeps the valuables safe when you are out for enjoying a day.