If your employees are chronically bored, disinterested in their work, or just downright unhappy at their workplace, you can be sure of one thing – you’re not going to further your business that far.

The thing is, while work is not the place where your employees should just sit back, relax, and crack open a cold one, ensuring that there are some elements of fun at work is essential for making your employees happy and thus – productive.

Whether it’s a simple coffee machine in the hallway, one of those stationary bikes you can ride to improve your overall physical health and stamina, or a couple of free snacks here and there throughout the day to keep the spirits up, your employees are going to appreciate these ‘offerings’ and they are more likely to offer a decent proposal at their work post.

In this article, we’re going to propose to you seven different ways you can ensure your employees will be happy when they enter the workplace every day. As you will see, the way to achieve this as an employer doesn’t need to be complex or expensive, so these would be suggestions virtually any business owner can take up right away.

1) Improve the Onboarding Process

Caring about your employees and their well-being should be a process you should keep up from the very beginning of an employee’s career working for you.

Of course, this doesn’t have to mean you have to try to entertain your employees in a way that you subjugate your own daily tasks to them, but taking a bit of time off your schedule to acquaint someone new to their work environment and what to expect of it would certainly be an entry you want to have on your to-do list as an employer.

2) Offer Competitive Salaries

One of the best ways to motivate an employee would certainly be to compensate them well for their work.

Not only is it perhaps the most effective way to appease unsatisfied workers, but giving the hard-working ones a raise, for example, could be an interesting solution for motivating them to work even harder than before.

Also, putting in place a model where you give your employees bonuses and other forms of extra pay for doing their job exceptionally or doing overtime is also a great way to motivate them by means of monetary compensation.

3) Add Special Gifts or Perks as a Part of a Daily Routine

This would be one of the scenarios where you can achieve a lot with a little invested time and effort – simply because your employees can see that you care for them.

One of the things you can do is give everyone at work a candy bar or free coffee every day. This will instill in them a sense that you care about them and that they can count on that candy when the time for a break comes. An interesting solution for this purpose, for example, would be to install a coffee machine together with some vaping equipment.

A machine with multiple sorts of coffee to choose from and a couple of products from Hoopers Vapour, for example, and you’re all set.

Also, this can extend to providing your employees with special coupons and other group discounts, so they can save some money thanks to you.

4) Organize Workout Facilities

As we’ve already mentioned above, a great way to improve both the mood and physical fitness levels of your employees can be to install a couple of workout machines and perhaps dedicate a room at work for fitness.

If you can set up a proper gym, even better, but if you can’t – even a couple of dumbbells here and there and one of those stationary bicycles can be all you need to help your employees to take care of their bodies.

5) Open Various Channels of Communication

Not being able to voice their opinions and disagreements represents one of the worst parts of being an employee.

So, as an employer, what you want to do is give your subordinates every possibility to voice their thoughts and feelings. If they can feel they can talk to you openly, chances are – they will feel more at ease when they come to work.

6) Invest in Professional Development

No one likes the feeling of stagnation and not getting anywhere in the foreseeable future.

That said, this is a reality for many employees out there, so if you want to make your employees feel valuable and motivated, make sure to invest in their professional development. Send them to courses and allow them to progress their career as they get more educated and better at their job.

7) Acknowledge and Celebrate Milestones

If you can make your employees feel appreciated and respected, chances are – they will be way more incensed to work hard than if you just view them as a replaceable cog in your company.

So, make sure to acknowledge their successes and celebrate the important personal milestones they achieved while working at your company.

All in all, making your employees happy isn’t that difficult as long as you compensate them appropriately for their work, make sure to be there for them in time of need, and show a willingness to invest in their future at your company.