“The journey changes you; it should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body. You take something with you. Hopefully, you leave something good behind.”

You are alive when you are in love, be it with a person or with a new place that you discovered while travelling. If you happen to know of a traveller girl who loves to explore new places, every now and then, whose birthday or any other special day is soon approaching, then you can go through this article and start your shopping to pamper her. Each of these gifts is so versatile that they can be gifted on various special days of her life and also can be found easily across various online or offline gift stores.

1. Traveller Cake – What could be more appropriate than to treat your traveller girl? The highlights of every special day like birthday, anniversary, etc., an anniversary or birthday cakes for girls who love to travel. A cake which depicts her personality will be sure to give her an adrenaline rush. Get a designer fondant traveller cake customised from some reputed online or offline bakery, and she will be absolutely left overjoyed.

2. Trolley Bag – Gifting a trolley bag will be quite appreciated by your traveller girl as it will be something stylish, convenient yet thoughtful. Next time she travels, she can carry your gift as a sweet reminder of travelling safely to explore her new adventures. You can look for some branded trolley bag which has got that quirky appeal and has proper space to fit her all travel essentials in it.

3. Neck Pillow – Other than the problems like motion sickness and jet lags, one more thing which is usually faced by all while travelling is stiffness in the neck region. Hence a quirky, cool, cuddly soft neck pillow seems like an excellent gift for every traveller girl. She can doze off quickly on her long tiring journey and gain all her energy back.

4. Travel Charger – It quite would happen that her phone would be out of charge, and she won’t find any place to charge it with; hence a travel charger is quite a gift to pamper her with. It will be extremely thoughtful of you to gift her something small yet significant, and she will be overjoyed.

5. Sunscreen Lotion – Be it that she is hitting a beach or going hiking on some higher altitudes, she will need to be protected with sunscreen. Harmful UV rays and sun rays can damage her skin and can lead to causing something detrimental, hence for every traveller girl sunscreen lotion of some reputed brand will act as a saviour indeed.

6. Sunglasses – Not just to help her make a style statement, but also to protect her eyes, sunglasses preferably the one with UV rays protection seems a kickass gift for every traveller girl. You can shop for some cool options online or offline that suits her personality as well as her personal style statement.

So, these were some of the gift ideas for traveller girl, be it your girlfriend, wife, mother, grandmother or even your favourite aunt.