If you are nagged by the issue of excessive daytime sleepiness continuously, then it is a thing that you must look into seriously. It might not happen only because of general tiredness. The reason might be a sleep disorder as well. Narcolepsy and sleep apnea are two such sleep issues that can cause havoc in your life. It creates an unavoidable urge to sleep in the person, which makes him or her sleep anywhere and anytime. These are a problematic health issue and can severely interfere in your regular lifestyle. There are both medical treatment and DIY methods through which you can tackle the sleepiness issue. Here are some of the ways through which to ditch the sleepy problem.

1. Caffeine shot

Caffeine is a friend of the people who want to stay awake and beat the sleepiness problem. A cup of coffee a day keeps sleepiness away for many hours in a day. In a day you can have a cup or two of coffee or other caffeinated drinks like tea. However, it is best not to exceed this quantity as it can hamper your nighttime sleep as well. Grab the energy boost from the cup of coffee and get on your work.

2. Power naps

A short nap will do no harm to your work and will also re-energize your body. The drowsiness almost shuts down your system and makes you incapable to focus on your work. The nap will recharge your batteries and allow you to engage in your work again with full concentration. Fix an alarm clock, or your nap might get converted in a full-blown sleep.

3. Move from your desk

Sitting idle or seated continuously in the same place for a long time can also make you tired and sluggish. Therefore, whenever you get the opportunity, move from your and if possible, walk a little in the aisle between the cubicles or in the lobby of the office. This will also help in keeping away the drowsiness from you.

4. Listen to some pulsating music

If you are a music lover, then it can also help in keeping you awake. Listen to numbers which are fast and have a good tempo. The upbeat music will compel you to tap your foot and also drive away the sleepiness from you. If loud music is a problem with your boss and colleagues, then you can plug in headphones and enjoy the music all by yourself.

5. Have light meals

Sleepiness grabs you tightly right after meals. You generally cannot resist the drowsiness after meals and eyes start shutting down right after lunch. To avoid this thing, eat light at lunchtime and stay away from heavy and fatty food. Choose healthy foods like chicken, whole grains, vegetables, and nuts. Do not consume food such as burgers, sugary snacks, and white pasta that can induce sleepiness in you.

6. Keep workplace bright

If your workstation is near the window, then allow daylight to come in through it which shall keep you alert and awake. If you are middle of the office or at a corner with no window around, the put on bright lights to make you stay awake and prevent sleepiness.

7. Take Modafinil

If all fails and you still feel sleepy then take the help of nootropic drug like Modafinil. It is an oral pill that is meant to treat the problem of excessive daytime sleepiness. The tablet should be taken once early in the morning, and you will stay awake all day without any issue. The pill of Modafinil Kaufen Schweiz will enhance your cognitive skills and also boost your memory power. It shall enable you to work more efficiently during the daytime.