If your energy bills are out of control it’s possible that your home is not as energy efficient as it could be. Here are some common mistakes that people make that could be inflating your bills and some easy ways to avoid or resolve them.

1. Fixed Thermostat Temperature

Keeping a consistent thermostat temperature throughout the day and during different seasons is a grave mistake. You can save significant energy expenditure by dialling back your thermostat in the evenings when temperatures drop in summer, or lowering the heating on very warm winter days. Adjust your thermostat according to the weather outside or consider getting a programmable thermostat to automate the process.

2. Just Relying on HVAC Unit

Solely relying on your HVAC unit for heating and cooling is a sure-fire way to double your energy bill. In winter, open your windows during the day to utilise sunlight to warm the house. In summer, close the blinds to the heat of the sun, and switch to fans to avoid overworking the air conditioner.

3. Bare Windows

Large windows without any kind of drapes may look aesthetically pleasing, but only serve to overheat rooms in the summer and cool them in the winter. Install blinds or curtains to mitigate this energy loss or alternatively consider double glazing your windows to make your home more energy efficient.

4. Dirty Air Filters

When was the last time you checked the filters in your air conditioning unit? Air filters clogged with dust particles and other contaminants will make your HVAC unit work harder to push clean air, ultimately increasing your electricity consumption. Make it a regular habit to clean and replace your air filters.

5. Avoiding Servicing Your HVAC

Installing an energy-efficient HVAC system is a great first step in lowering the cost of your electricity bill, however it is important that your unit is regularly serviced to ensure optimal performance. Also, remember to ask your repair-man to check the ductwork for any leaks or gaps.

6. Blocked Vents

Have a look around your house to see whether there is furniture or appliances blocking your vents as this will lead to uneven heating or cooling. Leave enough space around the vents in your house to allow for efficient airflow.

7. Expensive Energy Plan

Reassess your energy plan. If your energy bills are high despite following the best practices for energy efficiency then perhaps you might be subscribed to an outdated and expensive energy plan. Electricity wizard has created a comparison tool to allow you to evaluate gas and electric providers in your area and pick a plan that fits your budget. 

8. Worn-Out Refrigerator Seals

Check the seals around your refrigerator door as, after years of use, seals tend to wear out and start leaking cool air. Immediately replace wornout door seals to prevent energy loss. A full fridge is far easier to cool than an empty one, so keeping your fridge stockedis also a great way to lower your energy consumption.

Making energy-efficient changes around your house is the best way to avoid paying high energy bills. Give these tips a go and watch them make a dent in your next bill and a noticeable change in your long-term savings.