A business proposal is instrumental for effectively communicating your vision, solutions and capabilities to a prospective client. After doing most of the hard work, a lot relies on a business proposal to deliver the final push towards beating the competition.

Taking into considering the important role of a business proposal, making a mediocre effort to write one would be a grave mistake. It could be what separates you from your competition, so make the most of it. Here some common mistakes you should avoid when writing business proposals.

1. Talking About Yourself

A business proposal that focuses on your achievements won’t prove to be of much help when it comes to persuading prospective clients. Rather than talking about your product or service, personalise the proposal to highlight how the client will benefit from your capabilities.

2. Poor Research

The researching stage isn’t something you can skim through. The lack of research will leave unexplainable gaps in your business proposal. Make sure you conduct market and audience research to ensure your business proposal is rock solid on all fronts.

3. Lack of Evidence

To win the trust of readers, all your claims and achievements should be backed by proper evidence. Try to include reliable sources to establish credibility.

4. Copy-Pasting

There is no harm in taking inspiration from your competitor’s business proposals or even your own past successful proposals. But the problem arises when you start blatantly copy-pasting. It’s not professional to do so and can get your proposal instantly rejected.

5. Including Irrelevant Details

Piling on more and more words won’t make your business proposal lucrative. Similar to tender writing, it’s best to keep the proposal succinct so that readers don’t find it unreasonably cumbersome to read. Keep it succinct and exclude any irrelevant details.

6. Not Using Diverse Media

By including tools like graphs, illustrations and so on, you can significantly enhance the comprehensibility of a business proposal. Certain ideas or projections may be difficult to clearly express in words, but with media tools, it’s possible to effectively communicate them.

7. Underestimating Presentation

The physical presentation of your business proposal matters just as much as the actual content. From choosing an easy-to-read font to the colours, make sure everything adds to the proposal instead of creating a distraction.

8. Overhyping or Underselling

It’s crucial to sell your product or service idea with the right amount of zeal. Stay away from underselling as well as overhyping your capabilities.

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