Weddings are special! It is the beginning of a ‘happily ever after’ journey. It’s the time when two people commit to each other in front of their families, relatives, and close acquaintances. Celebrating this commitment is no small feat, but a grand party. There’s a lot that needs to be done – finalizing a venue for the wedding, theme, color, dresses, and wedding cards. Wedding cards are the most neglected yet important part of wedding preparations. Unique wedding cards can make your wedding unforgettable.

Modern wedding trends include different and unique ways of inviting guests. The more unique your card is, the more memorable it will be. This becomes more important if you are planning a theme wedding like a destination or beach wedding. Your wedding invite’s look and feel should reflect the theme of your wedding.

In this blog, we are listing the top 8 unique wedding card designs that are sure to make a lasting impression:

1. Scroll Invitations:

Scroll Invitation cards have a royal, rich, and unique look. They are a perfect fit for your elegant vintage theme weddings. Scrolls are available in a variety of colors and designs. It is a perfect combination of art, design, and style. They are available in multiple fabrics as well.

2. Box Card:

Box wedding cards create a style statement. Their unique design and presentation can immediately grab your guests’ attention. The box protects your card from being lost or damaged. Their unique charm makes them a memorable item that people like to keep with them forever.

3. Laser-cut cards:

Laser-cut wedding cards are very popular. The technique allows detailed and precise paper cuts giving it a unique and attractive look. No one can deny the majestic aura of these cards. They are available in several designs, ranging from single cards to flamboyant ones.

4. Radha-Krishan Theme cards:

If you’re having a traditional Hindu wedding, one of the best options would be the Radha-Krishan theme wedding card. The epic love story of Radha and Krishan is unforgettable. They are considered a sign of good luck. Their beauty and artistic finery will cast a magic spell on your guests.

5. Multi-faith cards:

Love is beyond the boundaries of any religion or country. Hence, a multifaith card is very unique. People from the same religions too are opting for multifaith cards. These cards are the best example of secularism and togetherness. Your guests will be spell bounded by the artistic and contrasting style of multi-faith cards.

6. E-wedding cards:

E-wedding cards are a unique way of sending wedding invites. They can be designed in multiple ways using digital technology. E-invites are also environment-friendly as no paper is wasted. By printing paperless wedding invites you can easily match with other cards to meet the same design suite.

7. Hardcover/thick wedding invitation cards:

Hardbound and thick wedding cards add a royal touch to your wedding. They are not only of high-quality but also reflect style and elegance. The paper used in these cards is of superior quality and various design embellishments make them luxurious.

8. High-end wedding cards:

If you are planning a grand wedding then you need to buy high-end wedding cards. These cards are luxurious and extravagant. Most of them are customized to help serve individual customer’s needs. They are adorned with unique embellishments like precious gemstones and finished off in stylized wraps and bags.

You can buy unique wedding cards online through trusted wedding card designers like Indian Wedding Card. Here, you can find a wide range of cards that are memorable and matchless.

Remember, the more unique your card is, the more apparent it will be to your guests since you have put a lot of energy and soul into the event to make it unforgettable.