Guest Posting is basically publishing your article on someone else blog for building relationships, exposure, authority and links. It provides you a secure link in addition to other marketing considerations. You have to write article according to the conditions and rules of a particular blogger to post it.

High quality content is required to post as it attracts reader more. Not only this, they will share with their current audience also at the same time. This is basically a win win solution to both website owner as they want to rank their sites higher in the search engines.

Now a days, people are considered Guest Blogging, a powerful online marketing tactic to build high quality link. The next question comes on your mind is how to find such sites which accepts guest posts or you can outside contributors.

1.List of Top Blogs: You can take the help of Google and search various blogs which are listed one by one on search engine. IN guest posting, there is a condition that only few articles are accepted from contributors depends on the content quality.

2.Search with Search Strings: You can also take the help of various search strings on Google search query to find specific material on the internet. or guest posting, you can use [“keyword” and “write for us” ] to find it on Google. some other example of search strings to find guest post : “guest author” “keyword”, “guest post” “keyword”, “keyword” inurl:contributors etc.

3.Find People who do actively guest post: It is one of the best way to find industry related guest post sites. There are various people who share their sites on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter etc to aware people about their sites so that they can post content on their sites. You can also socially chat with them and can ask for guest bogging site also.

If you provide low quality content and only focus on back link then sometimes you have to face several other situations also like low reply rate as good sites receive several pitching requests to post content so there would be a chance that they will not even reply. So it is advised always focus on your content. A good blogs deeply care about content quality as they have real readers for that they review each content sent to them according to their site’s terms and policies.