Power cables in energy chains specifically need unique properties if they are prepared to function durably over a long period regardless of the high speeds, challenging conditions, large cycle numbers, and high accelerations. The igus chainflex cable products, on the other hand, include every property ranging from servo cables, control cables, robot cables and bus cables to encoder cables, motor cables, fiber optic cables, and data cables. Chainflex cables from igus are specially manufactured for utilization in energy chains, power chains, and drag chains, and their unique design and pattern ensure a long life under the most vulnerable installation conditions. 


Igus first developed chainflex cables in the 1980s when there was an increase in the demands of the automation technology and guided cables often failed to fulfill the purpose. In some cases, in fact, where the failures were caused by core ruptures and corkscrews, the entire lines of production came to a halt that further resulted in additional expenditure for the manufacturers.

Thus, to find a permanent and reliable solution to this unforeseen situation for the customers, igus took the initiative and created unique cable design elements to help stop machine breakdown and downtimes in industries throughout the globe.

The chainflex cables from igus are basically unharnessed cables for transferring moving applications in robot applications and energy chains. They come with a total of 36-month guarantee and also meet the needs for safety and standards. The chainflex range includes almost everything such as motor cables, control cables, servo cables and so on. The igus chainflex cable for power chains, energy chains, and drag chains work amazingly for longer periods even with many cycles, high accelerations, and high speeds.

Applications of igus chainflex cables:

Today chainflex cables from igus are largely being used for different applications. The following are a few industries and products where chainflex cables are being used:

• Outdoor and indoor cranes

• Industrial robots

• Chip card readers

• Flex drilling systems

• Steel industry

• Machining centers

• Concrete manufacturing industries

• Circuit boards

• Furniture factory

• Sewage treatment plants

• Wood industry

• Tile factories and so on.

Nowadays, the advances and trends in the automation technology are rapidly demanding high flexible and reliable energy chains, and igus chainflex cables have many unique features and characteristics that guarantee the same.