Is your iPhone 6 Plus screen broken recently? And you have bought a replacement screen, but don’t know how to do this on your own. This guide will show you how to replace your iPhone 6 Plus’ defective display screen unit.

Getting Started

Step1: Turn Off Device:

In order to avoid damaging your phone during repairs, turn it off. Press the standby button until the slider appears. Wipe it from left to right and your phone will completely shut down.

Step 2: Remove the Enclosure Screws

  • A pentalobe screwdriver may come in handy to open the iPhone 6 digitizer screen.
  • Remove those from the bottom enclosure as they are located to the right and left of the lightning connector.

Step 3: Lift the Display

  • Use a hard plastic pick and a suction cup to lift the front panel. In case the screen is severely damaged, then cover it with a tape.
  • You need to place the suction cup over the home button and when lifting the screen, then insert the hard plastic pick between the display and aluminum frame and press downwards.

Step 4: Disconnecting the Battery Connector

You need to remove the screws on the battery connector and lift the cover. Now lift the connector by inserting the pointed tip of the ESD spudger slightly below.

Step 5: Remove the Earpiece

  • On the back of the display unit lies the earpiece. You simply have to remove the 3 screws from the cover.
  • The earpiece is under the front camera’s ribbon cable and folds it slightly to the side so that the earpiece can be removed.

Step 6: Remove the Front Sensor

  • You will need a spudger to remove the sensors above the small gold ambient microphone and lift them.
  • Insert the spudger below the ribbon cable where the microphone is slightly glued and lift it to lift the cable set.

Step 7: Removing the Rear Panel

Now remove the rear panel by removing 8 screws that hold the metal covers. Detach the home button’s connection cable using a spatula.

Step 8: Prepare the New Display

Not all the available displays have the same features. You may have to use some parts from the old display before installing the new digitizer iPhone screen.

Step 9: Install the Home Button & Attach the Rear Panel

  • Now install the Home button and connect the connectors and put the silver cover in place.
  • Put the silver panel on the backside of the new display and screw it.

Step 10: Install the Sensor Cable and Earpiece

  • Stick the ambient microphone to its original position and attach the sensors correctly.
  • Now put the earpiece back in its original position and screw and put the cover back on. Fasten the and Make sure the front camera is centered properly on the front of the display.

Step 11: Connect the Cables and Display

When attaching the connectors be careful to avoid bending it. Start your iPhone as soon as the connectors are properly attached. Now attach the cover and screw it in place.

Step 12: Attaching the display

  • It is important to fold the screen carefully and make sure that the edge on the upper part of the screen clicks into place properly.
  • Now push the screen carefully towards the home button until perfectly installed in the frame.

You are good to go now!

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