Following the trend, Websites in Pakistan are also offering Black Friday sales ranging up to 80% discount.

The main question which arises in our feeble Pakistani minds is that what actually is Black Friday?

Black Friday is an American term, it’s the day after Thanks Giving day and the Friday before cyber Monday.

We won’t dive into more detail why it’s actually known as black Friday, we just know that it is one of the biggest shopping day of the whole world.

2015 was the first year it was introduced and most user stated that some online websites were down due to unexpected number of users.

We as Pakistanis don’t know what actually black Friday is or how it originated, and frankly we are not here for that.

We will enjoy huge discounts on back Friday this year on 25th November 2017. has compiled and exhaustive list of all the potential websites offering Black Friday Deals and discounts.

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