Finding a place to live in a big city is like finding a needle in a haystack. For a newcomer, this can be even more difficult because he is not familiar with the neighborhoods of the city and will find it tough when it comes to finalizing your decision. Buying and selling of real estate in Metropolitan cities like Toronto is not easy, and I only recommend doing so when you have experts in the field backing up your decision.

Similarly, finding a place for rent can also be difficult one for a person who is new in a city. A person living alone for students like to have a place near there school or place of work. So, their first preference is to find an apartment, flat, or condo that is available on the cheapest rent. But, even then, you need to do some homework in order to get a place to live.

But there is a misconception among people looking for low rent. The point that low rent is synonymous with poor facilities and features in the place where they will live is very much prevalent among people not familiar with renting out real estate in a big city. Whether it is a Condo apartment for a house, they will have to bear with minimum facilities.

Let me offer you some information so that you can know that low rent is not exactly equal to poor facilities and features.

Low Rent Equal to Poor Facilities and Features? Not Quite

There is a common notion amongst a large number of people that when we pay high rent or pay a large amount of money for real estate investment, we are bound to get the best place to live—and coupled with all the best facilities and features one can find. Similarly, low rent or price for real estate is Synonyms to facilities that are below par. But in reality, this is not the case.

There are several reasons for which the rent for places like a condo can be low. And it doesn’t relate to the features and facilities offered by that place. For example, A one-room flat or apartment will obviously have a low rent as compared to a 3-bedroom apartment, and there would be no change in the facilities and features of the department. It is just that the renting space is small, that’s why the rent is also low.

Another reason for this concern is related to the locality or neighborhood in which you are looking for a place to live. If you are searching for a condo for rent Toronto in the Downtown area, you will obviously have to pay a hefty rent. Similarly, If you want to live near the waterfront or Western Toronto, you will have to shell out quite a lot of money as these are amongst the most affluent and posh neighborhoods in Toronto.

Who Looks for a Low Rent and Why?

As mentioned before, people who don’t have a big family and usually live alone looking for a place with the lowest rent. And if they have an ocean in mind that they will get the worst facilities and without any feature that they can get with high rent, they are not totally wrong. There are times when a low rent apartment will be situated in a building that is quite old and may not have the top-notch facilities in features of a new high-rise building, which has been made just a few years ago. But the point I want to make is that the low rent is about the small resting place that one gets and is not directly related to the rent being offered.

It is quite rational to think that a student who is just one to spend the night in a peaceful place will look for a plush penthouse or a mansion to live in an expensive city like Toronto. Obviously, students spend most of the time in their school or any other place of Higher Learning like college or university. They also try to get some industry knowledge by working part-time or getting an internship. That’s why they don’t have to live in a place all day long.

The above reasons are enough so that students look for a place with the cheapest rent and don’t have to think about facilities like waterfront area, scenic views, or a separate lift for their condo.

Final Word

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