There can be several forms of white-collar crimes, ranging from theft to fraud to bribery and money laundering. They all have specific frameworks. As a business owner or an administrative head of a company, you have the responsibility to reduce the incidence of such crimes. Also, as a lawmaker or policy analyst at a government office, you may have a duty to eradicate such crimes. The nature of crime sets the way of remedy. One of the most common occurrences is employee theft. The theft can be of money, documents or office articles. You need to hire an able investigative agency to crack the case and nab the culprit.

Reliable agency saves the company’s reputation

It is crucial to rely on a top detective agency for investigation of the crime. Employee Theft Investigations Miami Agency is an efficient investigative body that takes care of your case with urgency. Hiring a top agency will save financial resources and time for you. Moreover, a competent investigative team also takes care of your reputation in the market. There are specific legal proceedings that follow after the occurrence of a crime. The reports and administrative support of the agency help you significantly to go through the procedures smoothly. 

Types of Employee Theft

Broadly speaking, there are particular categories of employee theft. Each should be dealt with separately expertise and experience.

Embezzlement – It is a version of property theft. The employee, who is in the position of influential power, steals money or documents for personal gain. The investigators act accordingly to reveal him and put him behind the bars.

Insurance Fraud – In this case, the employee does forgery with insurance documents of fellow companies and/or company property. The team from Insurance Fraud Investigations Miami handles the matter proficiently and solves the case. 

Payroll fraud – The fraud makes an employee create ghost employees and receive salaries in their names.

Signature forgery – In this case, there is a falsification of company and employee documents with a false signature, signing off huge amounts of resources for personal benefits.

Data theft – When the employee steals sensitive information and voluminous chunks of critical data from the company database to sell it in the underground market, it is a clear case of data theft.

Seek help from a top agency

When you find that a case of employee theft has occurred, contact a reputed investigative agency to solve the case as quickly as possible.