Have you ever thought about getting your physical injuries cured online? Sounds impossible? Well, BL Physiotherapy from the South of Brisbane brings you virtual classes that have helped many people recover from muscle injuries and various other physical injuries. The pandemic hit us with several communities left untouched. People are taking necessary precautions by maintaining social distancing, wearing gloves, masks, and staying indoors as much as they can. The Covid-19 has messed up the humanity that even healthy people go into isolation, depression, and other mental disorders, but what about those who have been suffering from physical injuries? They are stuck at homes, unable to visit physiotherapists to cure their pain.

The BL Physio, South Brisbane is finally here to answer their prayers. They provide their patients with classes and hands-on training through virtual classes, helping patients understand the injury and help treat themselves. Paul Trevethan, the founder of SSTM- Squeeze, Stretch, Trigger, Move, a muscle management program stated We’ve been doing online physio for corporate clients for years. We track results and outcomes that are very similar to what we see face to face in the clinic. 

Get the Best of Virtual Treatment

Research has proved virtual treatment through online consultations has the same result as visiting a physiotherapist. At times the results are better than the face to face consultation. There are no misdiagnoses through virtual classes. Patients are talked through the process step-by-step. The one on one interaction with the Telehealth physio pays full attention to the injured person. The patient is completely focused on curing himself. This will also earn him or her the possibility of helping others in the neighborhood who are dealing with the same pain. The physio makes use of everyday objects like brooms, sponge balls to teach the patients.

The Virtual Program that is Personalized

The course is in the form of a program that can be extended from one week to three months. This will give the physiotherapist the chance to fully study the injury analyze it to find the right medication and therapy for the treatment. The therapists will also be able to go through reviews and answer any questions during the course.


The virtual classes have cost less than practical appointments. They save transport costs that could be used during the pandemic. Since the first time investment is more and the sessions that follow are per the class attended the cost is manageable. The investments made earlier can be passed on to the following classes.

The Patient has Equal Control over the Classes

The patients have equal say in deciding the choice of treatment and booking classes based on their convenience. Paul has quoted, with online physio, we like to empower people with video resources so they have a clear reference of their techniques and skills, basically how to support themselves long term so they can ease pain and keep it away for good.

Support from the Government

The Australian government rushes to the aid of BL’s idea of conducting virtual physiotherapy during the pandemic. The government provides funds to patients who are qualified under their set of rules. The rules secure the patient and the government from risk. The following must be considered by the clinic and the patients.

The client must be a patient of the physiotherapist. The therapist must have attended to the patient recently within a period of six months. They both must have a referral for – post-operative care, chronic musculoskeletal conditions, heart rehabilitation, lung rehabilitation, or pelvic floor issues.

The government provides bulk-billed access to e-physio.

The patients must be referred by a doctor under the plan CDMP – Chronic Disease Management Plan.

Furthermore, the President of the Australian Physiotherapy Association has stated Physio telehealth has been used in a variety of settings for some time. It is safe, it is effective and it is the right thing to do to reduce infection rates in our community.

Now it is up to us to help others relieve them of their chronic pain and illness that can be cured by physiotherapy. Let’s save lives with BL physiotherapy in South Brisbane.