AccelByte raises $10M to provide backend services for cross-platform games

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AccelByte has raised $10 million in funding to provide backend services for live service games that run across numerous platforms.

The Seattle-based enterprise is one of a quantity corporations that have sprung up to provide white-label (other providers place their name on the service) services for game providers to more quickly operate games-as-a-service (GaaS).

Galaxy Interactive led the round with further funding from game providers NetEase, Kraftton, and Dreamhaven. Rivals consist of Microsoft’s Playfab, Improbable’s Zeuz, Beamable, and Pragma.

One factor AccelByte gives is providing buyers complete information ownership as properly as hugely customizable modular architecture for every single companion.


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With an strategy tailored to the demands of every single studio, AccelByte’s massively scalable suite of tech empowers providers to accelerate their window for title release, the enterprise mentioned.

A contemporary platform

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AccelByte’s platform supports cross-play, cross-progression, identity management, and matchmaking. It also functions as a tailor-made platform without the need of artificial limits on elements like transactions and storage that can restrict development. And AccelByte’s architecture tends to make it doable for independent teams to make and introduce a numerous title macrocosm on the level of triple-A studios, the enterprise mentioned.

CEO Junaili Lie mentioned the AccelByte lets game developers focus on generating games. He spent 15 years in the game sector at providers such as Electronic Arts, LucasArts, and Epic Games.

“I enjoy games and technology, and I am especially passionate about how they converge and intersect particularly related to user experiences and data,” mentioned Lie in an e mail to GamesBeat. “In my previous role at Epic Games, before starting AccelByte, my team and I evaluated several options before deciding to build the backend tech platform from the ground up.”

He added, “We knew it wouldn’t be easy but given our experience, we were excited about the prospect to build a new product and service that would deliver on the vision we had for the industry. I left Epic Games about five years ago to do startup in sharing economy. Around the same time, I was approached to consult for a couple game studios. I realize that there still wasn’t a triple-A quality backend tech that game companies could look to for support, which led me and a couple ex-Epic colleagues to start AccelByte in 2016, with the goal of providing triple-A quality backend tech platform and tools for game studios around the world, including game studios startups.”


Image Credit: AccelByte

The funding will assistance AccelByte bring premium level, scalable and cross-platform prepared services to game developers and providers about the world. Formed in 2016, AccelByte was money flow positive and lucrative prior to the raise but will use the investment to assistance accelerate its small business plans, which incorporates expanding the company’s network of games sector relations.

AccelByte has partnered with game providers from about the world. Clients have incorporated Krafton, Deep Silver Volition, Versus Evil, Stray Bombay, and other people.

The company’s proprietary architecture incorporates AccelByte Cloud, along with AccelByte enterprise and AccelByte Blackbox. AccelByte Cloud is a premium level live technologies option that simplifies game development, publishing, and operations permitting teams to make quicker, scale infinitely, and deploy without the need of be concerned.

AccelByte Cloud builds on the net services for games, that scale to millions of players supplying essential backend essentials such as connecting cross-platform accounts , identity management, player matchmaking in cross-platform lobbies, patching by means of a player portal or game launcher, storage for persistent player particulars, monetization, analytics, social features, engagement, and customization.

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