Acne is a medical term used for pimples and is a common skin condition. People of any age group can have acne but it is normally considered a significant part of adolescence. Every teenager will experience pimples and spots due to the onset of puberty. Statistics have shown that almost half of men and women suffer from acne when they are in their 30s. Acne if severe can be very painful and embarrassing.

However, it is possible to treat acne with some effective acne treatment in Dubai but for that, you need to understand the causes of acne. By treating acne on time you can reduce the chances of permanent acne scarring. Therefore, to help you out, I will describe the causes, treatments and ways to prevent scarring in this article.

Causes of Acne

The main causes of acne are mentioned below;

  • One of the major causes is the disturbance in the production of sebum and its flow to the skin. Upon the blockage of normal flow of sebum, the oil starts building up behind the blockage and forms a swelling that protrudes out like a pimple.
  • Acne can also occur if the hair follicles are blocked by dead skin cells.
  • Bacteria accumulation in your skin pores can also cause acne.
  • Hormonal changes that occur during puberty can lead to acne as well.
  • If your parents had acne then chances are that you will also have acne.
  • Certain medications like corticosteroids also lead to acne.
  • Picking or squeezing the spots also makes acne worse because it causes inflammation and spreads sebum deeper into the skin.
  • Excessive scrubbing and abrasive lotions can also make your acne worse.

Treatments for Acne

Several beneficial treatments are now available for acne treatment. You can reduce the acne formation by using a mild cleanser and oil-free skincare products. Also, try to use non-comedogenic makeup products. If you want to use scrubs then only use the ones that have benzoyl peroxide, azelaic acid or sulphur in them because they are effective against acne. But only apply it once in a day.

If all these measures are not showing results then you can opt for the following;

Antibiotics: The antibiotics like tetracycline or erythromycin are effective in treating acne because they kill the bacteria and prevent the pustules formation.

Topical agents: An antibiotic lotion or a gel that can clear out the blockages are also used to treat acne. The creams that contain retinoic acid, adapalene and isotretinoin are good for acne.

Natural Treatments: Even though home remedies can take some time to show results but they are useful in treating acne. You can use tea tree oil, green tea and aloe vera gel to reduce acne.

Cosmetic Treatments: If you want quick and permanent results then cosmetic treatments are the best option. Chemical Peels and Laser skin resurfacing are the best acne treatments in Dubai. Chemical peels remove the topmost damaged layer of skin and reveal the healthy skin underneath but it is good for mild acne. On the other hand, laser skin resurfacing is good for all skin and acne types. It uses an advanced laser to clear the clogged pores and kills acne-causing bacteria. Laser skin resurfacing is the most preferred treatment because it is non-invasive.

How to Prevent Acne Scarring?

If acne gets worse, it can lead to permanent scarring. Therefore, it is necessary to treat the acne as soon as possible. If you want to know how to stop and treat acne scarring, follow the steps mentioned below;

  • Do not I repeat do not even think about squeezing the pimples.
  • Only use the prescribed topical creams that contain benzoyl peroxide, azelaic acid or sulphur.
  • Consult with a dermatologist for any antibiotics or medications.
  • Opt for the latest treatment that utilizes infrared lasers like CO2 and erbium lasers to treat acne scarring. It is one of the best acne scars treatment which forces the skin to produce more collagen and smooth itself.
  • Another way to treat acne scars is by filling up the under surface of the skin with collagen, hyaluronic acid, dermis, blood or cultured skin cells.

By reading this article, you will understand the exact causes of acne, suitable treatments and the ways to stop acne scarring. For any acne treatment, you should consult with the best dermatologists in Dubai first. Avoid self-treatment and follow the prescriptions of the dermatologist because he/she knows which treatment is suitable for your skin type. So, treat your acne before it’s too late.