Cladding sheets are used in construction projects for both aesthetic functions as well as to meet functional needs. Cladding sheets acts as a control feature to protect the building from many elements. They are made from aluminum and used for walls, facades, canopies, roofs and column covers. The main advantage of using cladding sheets is that they require minimal maintenance as compared to painting. Cladding sheets used externally usually requires regular washing only to maintain its newness.

Cladding sheets are extremely durable, provides long lasting resilience, weather resistant and requires very less maintenance. External cladding is done to achieve protection for the building. It helps to improve the mechanical strength of a building structure. They are resistant to temperature changes, sunlight, and chemical & air pollution. Cladding sheets provides improved protection against strong winds, rains and molds. They are also aesthetically appealing and increases the market value of the building. Aluminum Cladding Sheets are also recyclable and won’t lose any of its quality in the process.

Bin Dasmal General Trading is a market leader among the cladding sheet suppliers in UAE. They supply best-quality aluminum cladding sheets which can be easily formed in various shapes and sizes, making it multi-purpose. They have collaborations with European, Asian and American companies to meet the increasing demand of their clients.