Halloween has long been associated with getting dressed up as your favorite movie or cartoon character and of course, collecting buckets full of candies.

With changing times, the way we dress up for Halloween has changed dramatically. Unlike old times where costumes were the show stoppers, now it is the makeup that takes the cake.

Use of costume contact lenses adds a realistic touch to the whole avatar and takes the dressing-up game a notch above. That said, the market is bombarded with a variety of costume lenses and selecting the best one can be a chore.

Luckily for you, we have rounded up a list of all the special costume lenses that should do the job for you!

A Little Background!

Although the first contact lenses were introduced in 1887 as protective shells for the eye, the idea for tinted or colored lenses came into being in the 1930s and there has been no looking back ever since.

From contact lenses that add a tint to your eyes to the lenses that completely change the color of your eyes to the special-effects lenses; you can totally change the way you look, however you desire!

Costume Lenses You Need to Know About!

As far as costume lenses are concerned, they completely change the way you look and add a dramatic flair to your personal and costume.

Here are some of the most popular costume lenses that you should know about.

Blind Lenses

As the name clearly indicates, these lenses completely cover your natural lens with just a little opening for the pupil. They are made up of an opaque material and give an eerie and spooky look.

Blind white is the most popular choice when it comes to blind lenses as the white of the lens merges with the white sclera. These blind white lenses are generally used to top off the zombie look. Keep in mind that some of the blind white lenses may even cover the pupil, making your vision a bit foggy!

Blind green lenses are also quite popular, particularly if you are dressing up as the wicked witch of North!

Mini-Scleral Lenses

These lenses give a striking look to your overall costume and are one of the most popular of all the costume lenses. They are around 17mm in diameter, meaning that they are bigger in size than regular lenses. However, they are slightly smaller in size when compared to scleral lenses.

These lenses have an opening for the pupil so that there is no visual impairment. The mini sclera red and black are the most popular choices and with a good reason too! There are a number of characters and costumes that require the use of mini-scleral lenses in both red and black.

From a blood-thirsty vampire to an alien, mini-scleral lenses are what you need to complete your look. A fun fact about mini-scleral lenses is that they were introduced in the market to treat an eye condition known as keratoconus!

UV Lenses

If you are thinking of giving a stunning and frighteningly striking look to your get-up, then UV lenses are what you need. These lenses come in a wide range of colors but glass white and vino red are the most sought-after UV lenses. These lenses generally have a black outline which gives a very piercing effect.

Some of these lenses can even glow in the dark. How cool is that!

Xtreme Lenses

The name itself speaks volume about these types of lenses. These lenses are not for the faint-hearted. Whether you are dressing up as the White walker or the devil itself, you will not be disappointed!

These lenses cater to your needs and give an extremely realistic look to your costume. These lenses completely cover your eyes, and if paired with the right costume and makeup, these lenses can make you look like a million bucks!

The devil and blackout lenses are the most popular of the xtreme lenses and these lenses can be paired with a number of different costumes. From the Twilight vampires to the Hulk green, these costume contact lenses are just what you need to ace your Halloween look!

Important Tips

While dressing up for Halloween is fun, if you are not careful while using these lenses, you may end up paying a heavy price. Here are a few tips that can be helpful to you!

• These lenses are termed as medical devices by the FDA and require a valid prescription from a licensed eye practitioner for purchase.

• Always ensure that you follow instructions properly and only wear these lenses for the recommended period of time.

• Always purchase these lenses from registered retailers to avoid purchasing fake and faulty lenses.

Costume Lenses Have Changed the Way We Dress Up for Special Occasions!