The cybersecurity maturity model certification is a unified standard for implementing cybersecurity across DoD contractors. It is a new framework for ensuring that more companies in the defense supply chain are protecting sensitive defense information.

The CMMC has been in development for several years, but the first details on the framework were released in January 2020. The framework makes use of a maturity model in which audits will be conducted by third-party assessors and firms will be assigned a level that represents the protection they have in a place.

Essential guide to US data protection compliance and regulations

The cybersecurity maturity model certification is a certification and compliance process developed by the department of defense. It is designed to certify that contractors have the controls in place to protect sensitive data. The data include federal contract information and controlled unclassified information.

Recent changes for CMMC framework

January 2020 saw the release of the much anticipated CMMC version 1.0. The framework has been developed by a collaborative process with university-affiliated research centers. 

What does CMMC bring together?

The CMMC brings together several previously discrete compliance processes into one framework. These include NIST SP 800-171, NIST SP 800-53, ISO 27001, etc. Also, it has taken some of the best practice guidelines from the associated compliance procedure.

The biggest change brought about CMMC for DoD contractors will be the necessity to subject themselves to external security audits.

What is the new CMMC model?

The new model contained in the CMMC, contractors will remain responsible for implementing cybersecurity requirements, but their systems will be audited by third-party assessments. Through the assessment, compliance will be checked with certain mandatory practice, procedure and capabilities.

The CMMC is the newest of several cybersecurity compliance processes that DoD contractors have been confronted in the past few years.

Why do you find the need for CMMC compliance?

CMMC compliance requirements will appear on the requests for information proves in June 2020 and the requests for proposals process in September in the year 2020.

The full version of the CMMC framework was published in January 2020, following the publication of several draft versions over the previous few years. DoD contractors should immediately learn the technical requirements of the CMMC because compliance processes should begin now. At, the moment the detailed assessment has not to be conducted.

Important dates of CMMC for DoD contractors

January 2020-the release of the full version of the CMMC

June 2020-Contractors started to see CMMC requirements as part of the requests for information process

September 2020-Contractor started to see CMMC requirements as part of the requests for proposals process

October and beyond-DoD contractors will need to get certified by an accredited assessor to bid on new work

Even with all these things, there is no clearance that when will people get full compliance with CMMC. The scenario as of now means that the customers need to start practicing the CMMC and achieve some level of certification either as a contractor or subcontractor.

In short, there are a lot of things that the contractors, as well as sub contractors, need to know about CMMC framework. This will help in doing good service with the department of defense.