There is no doubt that kitchen cabinet refacing offers a lot of advantages to the homeowner but there are many situations in which kitchen cabinet refinishing is a better as well as an economical option. Isn’t it good that if only refinishing can do the trick, it could be a money-saving endeavor for you? Of course, it is. But, how to decide whether your cabinets will be good with this choice or they need refacing for sustaining longer? Let’s find out. 

Material and appearance of your cabinets reveal a lot!!

Kitchen cabinet refinishing is the best option to go for if you like the cabinet doors you have now and there are no bad signs such as peeling, rot, mold or termite, instability, etc. If you like to have your cabinet doors from stained wood to darker stained wood or a solid color, again refinishing is the best choice.

However, if you already have solid color cabinets, there might be a problem in switching to stained finish because the material used under solid color cabinets is not stainable. Cabinet designers don’t buy expensive solid stain grade wood only to cover it up later with an opaque stain. Typically, white cabinets have doors made from Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) which cannot be stained to appear like wood because it is not real wood.

Even if its doors are made of real wood, they will be more likely to paint grade. This means they still won’t look good with stain finish even if it were feasible to strip them to expose the bare wood.

One more thing, if your cabinet doors are made from oak wood, you need to know that refinishing would not be a good option because if you refinish them in a solid color, the grain will show right through the paint or stain. In case a refinisher tells you otherwise, ask him for a sample to show you that he can actually hide the grain.

Except for these scenarios, you can easily choose to refinish your kitchen cabinets. If you are still in doubt and need suggestions, contact your nearby kitchen cabinet refinisher and schedule consultation with him to decide the best solution.

Don’t Go for Lacquers; Prefer Only High-Quality Polyurethane Finish!!

You will find many kitchen renovation contractors who would suggest lacquer finish for your kitchen cabinets. If you want a beautiful, durable, washable and long-lasting finish on your cabinets, choose polyurethane finish. With this highest quality finish, you will be able to transform your cabinets that are in bad condition into a vintage, traditional or modern beauty. 

When it comes to refinishing cabinets, there are several choices to choose from such as stained, glazed, painted, stained & glazed and painted & glazed. Moreover, your cabinets can be touched up later which would be impossible in case of sprayed lacquer finishes.

So, meet an esteemed refinisher in your area for kitchen cabinet refinishing and enjoy the fresh look of your kitchen for years without spending huge.