From a guest’s point of view, what do you think is the most important thing about a party? You guessed it right; it’s the food. All the event planners struggle in selecting the right kind of catering according to the occasion. Your guests might also not be initially aware of the extra costs involved in catering while the lion’s share of the budget goes to the catering part. Let’s have a detailed look at what all choices we have when it comes to catering services in Abu Dhabi and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each one of them:

1. In-house catering:

In this type of catering, the venues themselves provide catering with space rental. When we say in-house catering, it directly implies to places which are not merely the venues to hold events. They can include hotels, restaurants, country clubs, bars, golf clubs, etc. as those places are sure to have an in-house kitchen.


• It ends your dilemma of choosing the right caterer for your event.

• Your food will be made on-site, and you will not have to worry much about transportation and storage.

• In-house caterers generally provide all the utensils, crockery and furniture also.


• Your food choices are limited, and you have to comply with your in-house caterer regarding various things. While you can customize a few things on the menu, but if you are hoping for a particular taste, then you may consider looking for the other catering options.

2. Exclusive caterer:

Some venues have a list of exclusive caterers for their event site, and they may also have a tie-up with them. They do so to provide the hosts with more catering options to choose from. They either can have an on-site kitchen, or they can get the prepared food transported to the venue in hot boxes.


• The caterer owns the space and is familiar with it. The area is generally a large one as it also has an in-house kitchen.

• You can select the caterer based on your budget, requirements, and the occasion.


• You are still not choosing your caterer; you are only selecting them from some limited names.

• They might not have a full kitchen at the venue, and it means that transportation and storage will be involved.

3. Open Catering

As the name suggests, your options are free. Your caterer just has to be licensed.


• You can select from the hundreds of catering services in Abu Dhabi which are willing to serve at your event site. It depends upon you whether you want to do a barbecue, pizza, fine-dine, tacos, and food-trucks, etc.

• Catering companies are willing to work with custom requirements.

• You can also choose the smaller and new catering companies, which in turn will get a chance to expand their business and show what they got.


• The catering company might not be familiar with space, so proper communication is a must.

• You may have to supervise transportation and storage, along with utensils and crockery.

Choosing the right caterer involves measuring the parameters which we discussed above. An event automatically becomes a success if people like food. So, you better pick it wisely.