White out contact lenses have inspired a lot of Halloween costumes over the years. They are used so widely that people have started to ask a lot of question regarding white contact lenses. It is not just about costume ideas but how you can use them safely and if they are healthy for our eyes.

So let’s dive into the details of white contact lenses

White Contact Lenses

White contact lenses are easily the most favorite choice for Halloween and other dramatic events. They are available in a number of styles and you use them for so many animated or tv characters. There have been a number of monster, ghosts, ghouls, and vampires created by the help of white contact lenses and below we are going to list some of the most popular costume ideas for white contact lenses.

White Out Zombie Contact Lenses

White out Halloween contacts are the best seller anywhere, and there is a good reason for that. The white colour contacts are classic and evergreen and can be used for various costumes. The eyes are dead white with the center-left open for your iris which is intended to create a possessed and demonic look. These lenses work excellently for zombie look as they cover your eyes and produce contrasting look with the black pupil of your eye to give the look of someone from the underworld. They are frequently used for zombie and vampire costumes by people.

White Manson Contact Lenses

Next, in the line of most popular white coloured lenses for Halloween are White Manson Contacts. This is another design for white out contact lenses. It has the same design and pattern, just that it has a black solid outline on the edges of the contact lense. This is to create an amazing contrast with the white of your eye. These Manson white contacts were made popular by Marilyn Manson hence the Manson contacts as its name. Again, these lenses perfectly suit zombie, vampires, possessed-by-demons and ghost costumes.

Angelic White Contact Lenses

Angelic White Contacts completes our list of 3 most popular whiteout contact lenses. Like the Manson contacts, it has an outer ring but the pattern is somewhat different from the Manson contact lenses and that is why it is also known as the limbal ring. The artists made the pattern such that, on this lens, it mimics the natural limbal ring pattern of your eye. It is deep black, uneven, and adds some artistic touch to the lens. You can find these angelic white contact lenses in more than one colour, so they are not exclusive to white contacts only, and they provide options for many different Halloween costumes

Some frequently asked questions regarding white contact lenses
Are white contacts safe?

It depends on where you purchase them from, you cannot just go and but contact lenses from anywhere. You need to identify a trustworthy retailer and store who sells authentic and approved materials. There is a due process of finding a trustworthy retailer, which requires a lot of research. When you are sure that the one you are buying from is selling the right product then you do not have to worry about the contacts being safe for wear You must have a prescription to purchase all contact lenses, no matter for whatever reason you are purchasing them and make sure from whom you are buying demand to see your prescription and also verifies it.

Will white contacts work with brown eyes?

White out contact lenses are designed to be theatrical most of the times and they are opaque, which covers the iris of your eye and provides a change of colour. Only when the light is bright you may see the brown of your eye peeking through the lens.

Are white contacts illegal?

The seller is required to see your prescription from the doctor before they sell any type of lens to you. Anyone selling lenses without asking for prescription or using slogans such as “no prescription needed” are probably selling illegal items, which could be expired products, damaged products, made from unhealthy material, improperly packed or similar issue. If that is the case you must avoid them and report them to higher authorities. There is a huge fine on those trying to sell illegal products and selling contacts without prescription.

Can you see through white contacts?

Yes. As long as your iris is not covered by the lens, you will see pretty clearly or a little impaired vision. Only some types and styles of coloured contact lenses such as the white mesh and the ‘dead eye’ will partially block your vision.

What costume goes with white contacts?

There is a wide range of costumes that fit well with white contact lenses. With white contacts, you can wear zombie, vampires, demons and other monster costumes.

How much do white contacts cost?

If you are buying quality lenses of white colour the price will range around $60, but it will vary with different styles. If the price is too low then do not waste your time on those lenses they are probably illegal.