As soon as your children turn 5, and it’s finally their fifth birthday, their thoughts and wants related to their special birthday cake and present changes all together from the previous ones. Presents are still manageable; however, the cake is quite a big deal and a little tough to crack. As a parent, choosing a cake for a 5-year-old is a bit confusing. Not exclusively should the cake catch the eye of the guests yet additionally please your child and live up to their desires.

So to help you all out here are some of the fantastic cake ideas to please your 5-year-old.

Rainbow cake

If your kid loves colourful things, then this amazingly designed rainbow cake is undoubtedly going to make him/her happy. Not only the look is appealing but also the flavour of this amusing cake is a delight to savour. Just like a rainbow, the cake has a mix of fantastic colours which makes it look a lot more tempting.

Jungle Theme Cake

Kids are generally in love with animals, if you have one animal lover then there is no better cake idea than a jungle theme cake. The animal figures topping the delicious cake will absolutely be loved by them and will definitely stand up to their expectations for sure.

• Mickey Mouse Themed Cake

Getting up early in the morning just for Mickey Mouse and the club was real fun and happiness while growing up. So just like you if your kids too are a mickey fan, then this deliciously crafted cake will be perfect for their 5th birthday celebration. This fantastic cake will make their birthday a lot more special as well as memorable for years to come.

• Photo Cake

Cakes are an expression of celebration, care and love. Whether the celebration is grand or simple, it cannot be complete without a cake. And the photo cake comes handy when you are clueless about how to please your kids. Their face on their birthday cake will make them look at you with starry eyes and a beautiful smile.

• Minion Cake

Who doesn’t like minions? A bunch of naughty, restless, and sweet yellow buddies, minions bring only smiles and laughter to everyone. This eye-catchy and scrumptious Minion Cake is the best ever treat-full gift for a minion fan kid. So make your kids 5th birthday a grand celebration by adding the charm of this crafty minion cake.

• Ben10 Cake

For your little superstar, here is a Ben10 fondant cake. It will make your start really happy, and he/she will adorn your thoughtfulness. Well, kids don’t think that much, but the craftiness will make them go crazy with the joy for sure.

Order these delicious designer cakes online or bake them at home, kids don’t care, all they want is to have a great tasty and crafty celebration. So just go ahead and make them feel special by adding a delicious charm they want to their celebration with these tasty cakes.