If you are thinking for AMC Exam preparation. There is a need to understand the above mentioned three ways of payments like in the case of Commonwealth Supported Places, these are government subsidies that do not need to be paid back at any stage. With these programs that can be called in short as CSP, the government covers part of your tuition and you are expected to pay the rest through yourself. The rest of the part on your side can be managed through a student contribution amount. The amount you’ll need to contribute is based on your course and medical college. Keep one thing in your mind that as a medical student, your student contribution amount is $10,596 AUD a year which is different in case of an international student.

Again the rest of the government funds are divided into three different government loan options for Australian citizens:

• Fee help – Only for tuition fees with a maximum lifetime limit of $124,238 AUD which is provided directly to your account by the governing body.

• Hecs help – Only for CSP students with no limit and amount is decided according to the requirement of a student.

• SA-help – Only for student services and amenities fee limited to around $294 AUD a year which is enough for the rest of the work.

Keep one thing in your mind that once your income is above $54,126 AUD a year, you are bound to start paying your loans back. As an international student, your options are limited to a few competitive school scholarships so try to cover your funds at a personal level.

Two stages for a medical student

Basically, there are two stages for fresh medical graduates – first when he/she is busy in the Australian Medical Council Exam preparation and second life after medical school. Here we will discuss the second stage because you are quite familiar with the first one. Once you are done with your admission and after being accepted into medical school, you need to focus on your stay at a medical school. You should cover your funds properly for your studies because now you are going to spend the next five to seven years actually studying, depending on your pathway.

For international medical students, the last year of your studies will take the form of an internship, during which you’ll get paid a sum of money which is not that much but enough for your outside activities. This is some sort of work as an apprentice and rotates through different roles at a hospital while dealing with different types of patients. You’ll also apply to be a housing officer through a program called ACE which is quite an amazing experience. Then, once you graduate, you receive provisional registration through the Medical Council of Australia (AMC), the official governing body.

Final Thoughts

Always be prepared with smart planning because the path to medical school is long and requires determination and commitment. And if you are competing for the AMC test, then you need to work harder because ultimately, you will be working in one of the world’s most rewarding careers.

Through this journey you are planning your future, it’s important to keep in mind the different options and opportunities that are available to you. Keep slow and clearing your working and don’t give up on your dream just because the conventional way didn’t work out for you. Things can change at any moment and you cannot even imagine the turning point. Your hard work will pay off, regardless of the path you choose so always have a firm belief in your abilities and give your 100% to secure a position.

This blog may help you as your medical school admissions experts – we are here to help students on their path to medical school in Australia with each and everything. Try to achieve your dreams by giving your full potential, perhaps this is the only way to make your mark. If you are considering a career in medicine in Australia, get in touch with us for further updates and latest information.