In the previous year, Qatar was overtaken by Australia as the biggest LNG exporter. It provided the confidence boosting backdrop to March 2019’s Oil & Gas exhibition. According to the experts, this year will come as a defining moment for the energy industry of Australia.

The Latest Oil and Gas Jobs have been enhanced by the application of digital technologies and transforming its overall performance in many dimensions. Although its energy sector is still maturing, it has become a world leader in LNG. Hefty investments are being made to increase gas production too.

But still, the energy industry is facing different challenges of a small pool of talent for which companies are fighting hard. Moreover, the rapid rate of change in job specifications under the impact of digital technological advances. Well now is the time when the companies need to generate actual ROI from those investments which are already sunk.

Planning the next phase of development in order to maintain their growth curve is necessary. Transformation is the thing that is demanded to address all these challenges. The belief is that the energy companies are suitably placed to harness the full potential of Industry.

The most recent path developed by Accenture Industry X.0 to transform industrial businesses digitally by smart living and connected technologies. Enhanced agility, as well as innovation, are the results of Industry X.0 across all industries. But it also offers them more specific opportunities for transformation.

The ability to achieve Triple zero- zero loss, harm, and waste. This will eventually push Australia’s energy industry for both sustainable and successful future helping it to fuel growth and prosper. Let us drill down into these 3 essential elements-

Zero Harm-It ensures both the contractors and employees security and safety at all times and contexts.

Zero Loss-In order to avoid the loss of production as well as throughput is to be resilient and agile.

Zero Waste– To maintain the industry’s license for operation, it is important to minimise and manage environmental and social impacts.

Now let us delve into Australia’s oil & gas reports for the future-

The oil & gas workforce reports are one of the few steps towards making a common expectation about the direction of the workforce in this industry. The report provides an insight into the discussion as the stakeholders prepare their workforce strategies for the future.

It is clear that the Offshore Oil and Gas Jobs in this energy industry are very bright indeed. If it is to put simply, then it is the time to transform and development of a good future of oil & gas energy industry in Australia.