The glass bead sterilizer as the name implies occurs to be a sterilizer for endodontic tool where the heat is transported to the cotton pallets or instruments by glass beads.


• It is portable.

• It has quick heat up facility fixed into it.

• On all add ups, it occurs to be a useful, over and above, suitable application.

• High sum of competence.

• It can be involuntarily managed to attain the needed levels of temperature.

How to use it?

• One requires filling in the well by means of the glass beads as of the bead packet. The funnel requires being employed when transferring the seeds that stop them from spilling into the sterilizer accommodation.

• The sterilizer requires being plugged into a satisfactory electrical opening and approximately 20 minutes should be given to warm it up.

• Make it a point that you put in clean and dry equipments in the glass bead. Only the component of the equipment that touches the glass bead is sterilized.

The consequences of glass bead sterilizers are various, not only from the disinfection point of view, but they offer some kinds of additional reassurance, as well.