The booze arrest Interlock Program in Melbourne, Florida has been helping to reduce drunk driving since its inception in 2020. It has helped decrease the number of drunk driving arrests by approximately 35%. It has also reduced the incidence of deaths and injuries from car accidents.

It has been reported that the arrest of a driver’s BAC will affect their ability to have a fresh breath after they are taken off the road. Having an old breath could be indicative of an individual who is under the influence of alcohol.

So, if an individual is not able to detect a drink that is getting colder or they do not have a sufficient amount of air when they drink alcohol it is because they are drinking more alcohol. A change in alcohol blood alcohol level can be caused by a number of factors, the driver has consumed more than they were able to breath when they consumed alcohol or their breath has been stale for a considerable period of time.

If an individual’s breath is stale then it is considered to be an indicator of drinking more alcohol. It should be noted that the previous breath test results will not be replicated by the new Breath Alcohol Interlock Test administered by the Interlock program. It is easy to understand why people do not recognize a drink is getting cold when the entire drink may appear to be warm.

There is a public’s right to breathe a clear breath as a means of ensuring they are not intoxicated. Having to wait until a police officer blows into a machine that detects alcohol has been known to delay them from getting to a police station to be processed. The benefits of using this service are becoming more evident by the day.

The first benefit is that it allows the individual to breath normally and as a result they are less likely to consume alcohol. There is also a greater chance of detection if there is a more typical impairment by alcohol. Another benefit is that the cost for the program is minimal and one can begin a program immediately.

Most states are requiring the Interlock Program. It is beneficial to individuals of all ages to participate in this program. Even children are now participating. Even those with a poor driving record can be granted a license by participating in the program.

As soon as the individual receives their license they must use their privileges to drive during the times that they are able to drink alcohol. This means that even if the individual is on their way to a night on the town they must have access to a vehicle to provide them with transportation. In fact most states also make an exception for minors who are participating in the program.

Depending on the program there are stipulations that must be followed to get approved. Some stipulations are to consume alcohol only at the approved places that are listed on the program. Other stipulations might be for those who travel by bus, taxi, train or other form of public transportation.

This is particularly important because everyone involved in the program will be on the same page. It helps to keep everyone on the same page when using public transportation as well as if someone participates in the program before driving.

It is easier to be approved if the program was administered for more than just one night. The program allows people to monitor their drinks when they drive, and how much they drink and have access to. They will be able to serve themselves from alcohol as long as they are approved to do so.

Having the program is a great benefit to not only to the individual that participates but to all members of the program. This includes those who travel with the program. The convenience of having a program that provides a solution to everyone is a great advantage.