If I understand correctly, we’re talking about an important component as equipment, as rotations can alter radically. The developers claim that there is no need to Buy Blade and Soul Revolution gold be concerned about it, as they have already prepared a number of steps to ease this procedure each time there arises a specialty. An event will be established which will enable you to exchange old gear convenient, so to speak, under the present meta.

By the way, because of this, in recent updates, spontaneous damage was eliminated so that all your gear would match any build.Also, a fairly interesting question was asked as to whether the function of changing equipment is continuous, just from the answer it becomes apparent that it is quite difficult to implement, since constant support is necessary for a number of reasons. But, developers are still considering this issue.Perhaps, since the announcement of this transition from the Unreal Engine 3 to 4, each user has asked the question”When?” A thousand times, which is difficult for developers to answer.

The original plan of action was simply to transfer the game to a more recent and more powerful motor, that’s just, obviously, questions like”And what will change?” Poured in. We can say that this is why the team has moved away from the plan for simply altering the game engine, they raised a more grandiose notion to make, so to speak, a remaster version, fitting Blade and Soul to the present modern degree of quality.The updated notion of the undertaking should be revealed in the not too distant future, although I personally like the new approach more than simply transferring the current structure to a different engine.

As the developers said, basically all changes could be described as”Updating bodily effects”. Roughly speaking provided an opportunity for developers to produce a cartoon style, while at the fourth variant that which will be more realistic, thanks to the possibility of bodily rendering of items. For instance, together with a brand new motor, assorted items and trees will behave due to the effect of different variables such as, say, the end.

And yes, the group intends to support two Blade and Soul Revolution gold clients on the 3rd and 4th motors to give users the opportunity to choose, but for me personally, this is a fairly bad idea and might still come in the future.Needless to say, as many know, if a match is manufactured on 4 matches, this usually means that you want a fairly powerful PC to tug the game. The programmers had the job as a result of the mobile version’s development, the team found a way to optimize the customer for machines that were feeble. I remind you that the edition is also underlain by the Unreal Engine 4 game engine.